How to make a scented soy candle

How to make a scented soy candle

Soy candles have several benefits over the traditional wax candles. Soy is an all-natural and non-toxic product. It burns longer and cleaner so that it doesn’t leave behind black soot, smoke, and residue. It also burns more evenly so as not to leave behind wax build up in your jar. All of the wax will be burned instead of just the center surrounding the wick like many other types of candles. This makes the jars much easier to clean and refill once the candle is completely used.

There are many suppliers to buy supplies from. The easiest way to order supplies is probably online, but you may have some suppliers in your area as well. Soy wax comes in flakes and can be purchased by the pound. The fragrances come in liquid form. Coloring comes in liquid form, chips, and blocks. The liquid coloring can be added using a dropper. The dye chips are about the size of a large pill and are dissolved in the wax. The block of coloring can be removed in chunks and again dissolved into the wax.

For beginners, it is easiest to start with a container candle such as a mason jar. You can also make molded or pillar candles with a little more practice and some additional supplies. The molded and pillar candles will require a harder wax since it will not be held by a container.

Materials and supplies:

2 cup glass measuring cup, double boiler, or presto pot
1 pound of soy wax flakes
1 ounce fragrance oil of your choice
4-5 drops of coloring of your choice
1 16 ounce container or jar
1 wick
super glue

To begin you want to start by melting the soy wax. Soy can be easily washed off using soap and water so you can use the measuring cup to melt the wax for 5 minutes in the microwave, or in the double boiler to melt it over the stove, or in a presto pot. A presto pot is like a crockpot with thermostat control. Heat the wax until it reaches a temperature of 150-180 degrees and then stir it well.

You may then add the fragrance oil and coloring of your choice. Let the wax cool to a temperature of 130 degrees before pouring. For best adhering to the jar, warm the jar up to just above room temperature in the oven. Place a small amount of super glue on the bottom center of your container and hold the wick in place for approximately one minute. Pour the wax slowly into the jar. You may use a pencil or a clothespin to hold the wick in place so it will stay centered in the candle.

Once the candle has cooled you may trim the wick to about a half-inch above the top of the candle. You may also use a heat gun to smooth out any bubbles that have formed on the top of the candle. However, the candle will burn just as nice without doing this step. A 16-ounce jar can burn up to 120 hours. For the best aroma, you may want to wait to burn your candle for 4 days. Now you are ready to light and enjoy.