How to make a scary scarecrow

How to make a scary scarecrow

Harvest time brings thoughts of cornfields, apple cider, pumpkin patches, and scarecrows. Many communities around the world celebrate the harvest holiday which is also known as Thanksgiving. In Korea, it is called Chu-Suk and in India, it is known as Kerla Onam. In all of these counties, the harvest holiday is dedicated as a time to give thanks to their ancestors or to God for the harvest. This tradition is enjoyed by Hindus, Muslims, and Christians alike. Because the scarecrow is thought to ward off predators that would take the harvest it is an important symbol. Using two straw hats, it is easy to make an adorable scarecrow to dress up your home for the harvest season.

You will need the following supplies for this craft:

1 Large Straw Hat

1 Small Straw Hat
Hot Glue Gun
Decorative Crafting Ribbon (3 yards)
Dried Wheat Sprig and Silk Flowers
1″ or 2″ Sponge Brush
Med. Stipple Brush
Natural Colored Raffia
Permanent Black Marker or Paint Pen
Acrylic Paints
Flesh Color or Off-White
Red and other Harvest Colors
Clear Coat Spray Sealer

Start by cutting the small straw hat in two right down the middle leaving half the brim and crown of the hat on one side and half on the other side. You will only need one side for this craft.

Next, paint the crown of the large straw hat flesh color or off-white using your sponge brush. This will be the scarecrow’s face. Do not paint the brim of the large hat, leave it the natural straw color to match the small straw hat.

After the paint has dried. Paint on the rest of the scarecrows facial features. This part can be as easy or as advanced as you want it to be. For a simple scarecrow, painting the nose red or orange in the shape of a triangle. (pointy end up) Eyes can be oval or triangle shaped as well. Always allow one color of paint to dry before applying the next.

To paint the cheeks, use a dry stipple brush and work off most of the red paint blotting it on a paper towel. Using a pouncing motion gently pounce the cheeks in a circular motion. Feather lightly around the edges.

Using a black paint pen or sharpie permanent marker, outline the nose. Then, lightly draw a black line down the center of the face on either side of the nose. Add fun stitch marks to the dividing face seam line and around the nose if desired. Next draw on the mouth to connect the cheeks. You may want to dot a white glint in the eyes with the end of a paint brush and highlight the nose also for an added dimensional touch.

To protect the paint for many years of inside and outside decorating, lightly spray the face with a clear coat spray sealer found at hardware and crafting stores. Do not spray a heavy coat. Many black paint pens will run if sprayed to heavily. Several light coats of spray is sufficient.

Hot glue the cut small straw hat to the top the painted scarecrow face. Cut small bunches of raffia and hot glue in sections to either side of the scarecrow face. Full straggly raffia will cover any of the seam lines and give a finished look.

Embellish the scarecrows new hat by hot gluing silk flowers and a wheat sprig to one side of the small hat. Silk sunflowers or rusty colored chrysanthemums look especially cute!

Last, make a large bow with crafting ribbon and glue it under the scarecrow’s chin.

You can hang your scarecrow on the wall or on your front door to greet your guests.

You can hang your scarecrow on the wall or on your front door to greet your guests. You could also wire the scarecrow head to the top of a cross-post and dress a real scarecrow body for yard decoration.

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