How to make a scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow

Scarecrows make a great decoration for your lawn in the fall. Scarecrows are fun to make, and the whole family can join in on creating it.

To make a scarecrow you first need to look around your house for any clothes that you don’t want or use anymore.

The types of clothing used for scarecrows can be jeans, skirts, overalls or flannel shirts. Don’t limit your clothing choices to these. The clothing can be pretty much anything you choose to dress your scarecrow up in. Patches can be added to jeans and overalls to give them a more of a country look. You can also look for hats which can be straw hats or even men’s caps. These hats can be used to decorate the scarecrow too.

You can make the scarecrow’s head from such items as a garbage bag, a pumpkin, a piece of fabric or a piece of a panty hose. To put the face on the scarecrow’s head you could draw the face on with a permanent marker, use buttons for the eyes, the face pieces could be cut out from felt then glued on the head and you could even sew the
face on the head.

To make the scarecrow’s body fill out you will need to stuff the clothes the scarecrow will be wearing with dry straw or hay. Don’t use wet straw or hay since when wet they can mold. After you’re done stuffing the scarecrow’s head and the clothing for the scarecrow’s body you can proceed to put the scarecrow together.

You can make a cross by hammering two pieces of wood together to form a cross shape. Doing this you will be able to put the scarecrow in a standing position. You can even put the scarecrow in a sitting position by placing the scarecrow on a chair or lawn chair. If you want you can make up a whole family of scarecrows. You can do this by using some of your children’s old clothes for the scarecrow’s body or you can buy some clothes from a thrift store.

You can also make a simple ghost scarecrow. This can be done by using a flat white sheet or a large piece of white fabric. You can either stuff a part of the sheet for the ghost’s head or you can use a ball like a basketball for the head by placing the basketball inside the sheet then typing it off with a sting so the rest of the sheet flows like a ghost. You can then proceed to draw the ghost’s face using a permanent black marker. After this is all done the ghost can be hung up on a piece of wood placed upright on your lawn.

There are other items that can be added around the scarecrow to add to your decorating. You could place corn stalks, jack-o’-lanterns or plain pumpkins around the scarecrow for an added touch to the decorating. Bales of hay could be used to give your decorating that country touch. You could also just stuff some of the Halloween

trash bags with the leaves after you get done raking them up. These bags could then be used to decorate around the scarecrow. There can also be small ghosts made up with small scrapes from a white sheet or pieces of white fabric. These ghosts can then be hung around the scarecrow or even hung in the trees that are around the front of your house.

Making a scarecrow is a great way to use your imagination and scarecrow’s can also make a great decoration for your front lawn in the fall.

Making a scarecrow

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