How to make a rose with tissue paper

How to make a rose with tissue paper


tissue paper (or crepe paper)
stem materials (cardboard or card-stock paper, pipe cleaners, floral wire, or straws)


  • floral tape (optional)
  • plates (optional)
  • writing utensil (optional)
  • paint (optional)
  • ribbon or vase (optional)

1) Visit a craft store to purchase tissue paper in as many colors as you like. Whether you want to use traditional flower colors is up to you. Visit a florist to purchase floral tape or floral wire if you choose.

2) Decide what you would like your stem to look like (smooth or furry, rounded or flat, bendable or straight), then choose cardboard, pipe cleaners, wire, or straws as your stem material. If you want a more realistic-looking flower, then choose something green to make your stem, but don’t feel limited. Choose any color you desire!

3) Find a medium-sized plate (about five inches in diameter) and place it on top of two layers of tissue paper. You may want to experiment with different sizes of plates, or even with saucers for very small flowers. Use a pen, pencil, or marker to trace a circle around the plate.

4) Hold the multiple layers of tissue paper together, and cut along the line that you have drawn.

5) Continuing to hold the layers together, poke your finger into the middle of the circle.

6) Use your other hand to squeeze the end of the point you’ve created with your finger, then remove the finger.

7) Pinch this point so that it forms a tight corner.

8) Use a small piece of clear tape to hold the point together while you find your stem material. If you chose to use cardboard, cut a long, thin piece about the width of a pen. Use the size of the flower as a guide for how long to make the stem.

9) Tape the stem to the flower.

10) (optional step) Cut out leaves from green card-stock paper or cardboard. The size of the leaves should be proportional with the size of the flower. Make sure your leaves have a little extra paper sticking out at bottom so that you can attach them to your stem more easily.

11) (optional step) Tape the leaves to the stem using clear tape or green floral tape.

12) If you chose to use wire or a straw, you may want to cover the entire stem with green floral tape when you are finished to make the flower look more real.

13) Make enough flowers to form a pretty bouquet. Use colorful ribbon to tie your flowers together, about halfway down the stem. Or, find a vase and place the bouquet inside it to decorate any table.


  • Make one medium- or large-sized flower and a few small flowers with short wire stems. Use green floral tape to attach all of the stems together, making one thick stem with many flowers.
  • Try using crepe paper instead of tissue paper for a textured, more pliable flower.
  • Use more layers of tissue paper for a thicker, more dense flower.
  • Paint the stem to make it more colorful. Try solid colors, stripes, or any pattern you can think of. Be sure to paint the stem before attaching it to the flower for less hassle in cleaning up.

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