How to make a robot with paper

How to make a robot with paper

You can make an extremely cool paper model robot using items found around your home that you’d normally throw away. This paper model robot is easy to build, and it looks great as a display. You can also play with it if you want. The completed robot will have functioning hands.

For this simple craft project you will need a flat box such as a snack cracker box, a small square box for the head, a paper cup with a pointed bottom, 2 empty tissue paper rolls, 2 empty paper toweling rolls, 2 flat bottom paper cups, plastic craft eyes, 2 small plastic snack bag clips, craft glue, masking tape, scissors, paintbrushes, newspapers, and acrylic paint in colors of your choice. Optional supplies are thumbtacks, wires, and aluminum foil.

Prepare the area you will be working on by covering the surface with several sheets of newspaper. You also might want to put an old shirt on to protect your good clothing.

Begin by taping the lids of all the boxes you’ll be using for the robot. Use masking tape to secure each lid. The tape won’t show once the robot has been assembled and painted.

Now you can begin assembling the robot. Start by taping the small square box to the top of the larger flat box. Tape the pointed paper cup to the top of the small square box. The cup will serve as a hat for the robot. Next, securely tape the empty tissue paper rolls to the sides of the flat box. These will be the arms of the robot. Tape one side of the first plastic snack bag clip to the inside end of the tissue paper roll. Do the same on the other side. The clips will give the robot functional hands in which to grasp and hold things. Next you will need to tape the flat bottom paper cups to the ends of the paper toweling rolls. Tape the paper toweling rolls to the bottom of the flat box. Your paper model robot is now assembled and ready to paint.

Decide what colors you want to use on your robot, and apply the paint beginning with the hat. You might want to consider using metallic silver paint on the body , arms, and legs. You can also paint the robots hands if you cover them first with a layer of masking tape. The tape will enable the paint to stick to the plastic clips. Allow the paint to dry completely before adding the facial features and any other extra details.

When the paint on the head has dried, glue the plastic craft eyes to the face. Paint a face on the head, as well as any other details such as rivets and mechanical components. Use your imagination to make a unique robotic creation.

You can add optional details such as thumbtacks instead of painted on rivets, wires to make the robot appear to be electronic, and aluminum foil in areas you want to look like real metal. The entire robot may be covered in aluminum foil if you chose.

Your paper model robot will be a cool addition to your room. Display the completed robot on a shelf or table. You’ll be surprised at the realistic features of this project. The robot will be able to hold lightweight items such as notes or small objects. Your friends are sure to ask how you made this science fiction masterpiece!

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