How to make a pony bead key chain

How to make a pony bead key chain

To make a simple pony bead key chain, the basic supplies you’ll need are pony beads, something to string the beads with, scissors, and a key ring.

Before starting, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what to string them on. This can be just about anything that you can get twice through the hole of a pony bead (plastic lacing, twine, leather lacing, wire, various types of craft cording etc).

A simple design to start with is a diamond shape. Pick a color, or several different colors to include. There’s even ones that glow in the dark. To make it more interesting, you can use different colored pony beads to introduce a design of your own making. You may wish to lay the beads out before stringing them to create a pattern.

For a diamond that is seven beads wide at the center, you’ll need forty-nine pony beads. For diamonds of other widths, you’ll need whatever the square of the number of beads used for the center row. For example, for a diamond that is six beads wide at the center, you would need thirty-six (6 x 6 = 36) beads.

You’ll need several feet of your stringing material, the larger the diamond, the longer the string. You may wish to experiment without tying off to get a general idea how much you need first. If you want to dangle anything on the end of the diamond opposite of the key ring, you will need additional beads or charms, and enough string to add them.

  1. Tie the string to your key ring. The key ring should be in the middle with the string on either side of the knot being of equal length.
  2. String one bead on one of the strings, then string the other end through the bead in the opposite direction of the first bead. Pull tight.
  3. String two beads on one of the strings, then string the other end through the beads in the opposite direction of the first beads. Again, pull tight.
  4. Repeat, adding one bead per row until you reach the center row.
  5. For the remaining rows, repeat as before but decrease the number of beads until all the beads have been used.
  6. You should have a diamond shape, and all the beads should be used.
  7. If you’re using string, tie off the ends with a knot close to the last bead. If you’re using wire, you can weave the wire through several rows of beads and cut off the excess.

Optionally, if you have enough extra string on the ends and some extra beads handy, you can dangle beads from the ends. You can either tie one on the end, or first string several on and then tie the end so the beads don’t slide off.

You can make different designs, varying row length to make other shapes. If you get a little creative, you can sting the beads on and make different shapes and even animals!

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