How to make a pony bead cross

How to make a pony bead cross

Finding simple crafts that can be easily done by people of all ages can be very difficult. It is doubly difficult to find a craft that has few supplies, and is inexpensive. Making a simple cross from pony beads and yarn is a fun, easy craft that anyone can do. The only supplies you need are six pony beads and a long piece of yarn. Pony bead cross necklaces require only that you be able to thread the beads onto the yarn, making it a very easy craft for many occasions.

Pony bead cross necklaces are a great craft for children’s birthday parties and slumber parties. Children enjoy creating these beautiful necklaces as souvenirs of fun events. Pony bead cross necklaces work well as a carnival craft, as the cost for supplies is low, allowing a great return for your investment. This craft is especially suited to group crafting; it is an excellent craft choice for girl’s clubs, children’s camps, Sunday School classes, and senior citizens’ organizations.

While this activity is specifically designed for using pony beads, there are many ways to get creative with the project. Metallic yarns add luster, as do fancy beads. Lettered pony beads are a great way to become expressive. For religious-themed necklaces, use the letters WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) or FROG (Fully Rely On God) for beads two, three, four, and five. Boyfriend/girlfriend necklaces are also easy. Simply string their initials onto beads two, three, four, and five with a plus sign for bead six.

You can modify this craft for a variety of purposes. Shorten the necklaces and drape them around the neck of souvenir wine bottles for beautiful wedding favors. Clip the yarn at the top of the necklace to make strands or tassels; you now have lovely bookmarks. Attach several to the ends of crossed dowels or sticks to create a pretty mobile.


You will need a piece of yarn that is 12-18 inches long. Any color is fine. You will need six pony beads. It works well if you choose five beads of one color, and one of a different color. You will need a hot glue gun and glue.


Step One: Slide one bead onto the yarn and center it in the middle of the string.

Step Two: Insert both ends of the yarn into a second bead. Slide the bead firmly down until it touches the first bead. The hole of the second should be sitting against the side of the first bead.

Step Three: Insert the third bead onto the left strand of the yarn. Slide it firmly down until it touches the second bead.

Step Four: Insert the fourth bead onto the right strand of the yarn (opposite the third bead). Slide it firmly down until it touches the second bead.

Step Five: Insert both ends of the yarn into a fifth bead. Slide the bead firmly down until it touches the third and fourth beads.

Step Six: Insert a sixth bead sideways between the third and fourth beads. This bead’s sides should touch the hole on beads three and four.

Step Seven: Tighten all the beads by pushing them firmly together. Tie a knot at the top of bead five to hold the structure together. Apply hot glue between beads three, four, and six. Let dry.

Step Eight: Measure the yarn to the desired length, tie a knot at the top to form a necklace, and trim the ends.

Step Nine: Wear or display your artwork!

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