How to make a pinecone wreath

How to make a pinecone wreath

Pinecone wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. They’re beautifully versatile decorations that make wonderful displays all year long. They can easily be decorated and changed to celebrate any season or occasion.

To make a basic pinecone wreath you will need a circular foam base in a size of your choice, a low-temperature glue gun, glue sticks, wire for hanging the wreath, brown spray paint, newspapers, and lots of pinecones of various sizes. Pinecones may be purchased in most craft outlets, or you can locate them by asking people you know for their unwanted pinecones. Chances are you’ll be doing them a favor by picking them up.

Begin this project by covering your work area with several sheets of newspaper. Make sure your work area is adequately ventilated and cover the circular foam base with a coat of brown spray paint. The brown paint will blend in with the pinecones so the white or green foam base isn’t visible. Allow the paint to dry completely, and attach a wire for hanging.

After the spray paint has dried and the wire has been attached, you can begin gluing the pinecones to the wreath. Start with the larger pinecones. Randomly glue them to the foam base until the entire front of the wreath is covered. If you don’t have enough larger pinecones to cover the entire wreath, space them out evenly as you glue them on. Fill in the open areas with smaller pinecones. There will no doubt still be spaces between the pinecones. Cover these areas with individual pinecone petals. Break them off carefully, and glue them to the open spaces. Use a pair of tweezers if necessary.

After the wreath is completely covered with pinecones, you can embellish the wreath according to the season. A winter wreath or Christmas wreath can be decorated with spray-on artificial snow and iridescent glitter. You can also decorate a Christmas pinecone wreath with holly berries, small twinkling lights, or miniature garland of your choice. You can also insert small pine needle branches into the foam to create a fragrant smelling pine wreath. Just put a small amount of low-temperature hot glue on the tips of each small branch before inserting them into the foam.

Make a festive fall pinecone wreath by gluing colorful artificial fall leaves between the pinecones. Add a glimmer of frost by giving them a light coating of spray-on iridescent glitter. You can also decorate a fall wreath with a string of artificial cranberries. Real dried cranberries also make lovely garland for a pinecone wreath. Just string dried whole cranberries on clear thread and wind it loosely around the wreath. To add fragrance to the wreath string whole cloves between the dried cranberries. Other dried fruits such as apple slices can be strung on as well. Spray on cinnamon oil and enjoy the fragrance of autumn.

A spring pinecone wreath can be decorated with a tiny artificial bird’s nest complete with artificial eggs. Place the nest in the curve of the wreath. Wind artificial ivy around the entire wreath. You can also add sprigs of dried baby’s breath by applying glue to the ends of the twigs and sticking them in the foam. Add a few small artificial flowers in the color of your choice. Remove the flowers from their main stem, and glue them between the pinecones.

Make a cheerful summer pinecone wreath by adorning it with brightly colored artificial flowers and deep green foliage. You can also string small artificial berries of various kinds on the clear thread. Wrap the berry garland loosely around the wreath. Complete it by wiring a small tin watering can to the inside curve of the wreath.

As you can see, a pinecone wreath can be designed for any occasion. Use your imagination along with your favorite craft supplies to create your chosen theme. Redo a fall wreath for winter, a winter wreath for spring, and a spring wreath for summer. Low-temperature glue is easily removed, and a wreath can be reworked according to the season or theme. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can create and recreate a beautiful pinecone wreath.

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