How to make a photo bag

How to make a photo bag

Women are always interested in ways to show off their kids or grand kids and sometimes, pets, especially if they’ve made the display themselves. Proudly show off a recent photo of your grandchild or favorite pet the next time you go out, when you make a photo display bag for carrying your purchases or taking to the beach. A laminating machine is helpful for this project, but laminating sheets or laminating paper can be used as well.

To make the bag, cut canvas or any other fabric in the shape you want for the bag. The bag can be rectangular, roundish, square and can be deep or not. You decide how you want the bag to look. After cutting the two pieces, place right sides together and sew down one side if it’s a rectangle or square. If it’s roundish, sew down one arc of the circle, then stop.

Now go to the top and fold down, then down again, and hem from one end to the other, across the top. Go back where you left off and finish sewing around the circle, square or rectangle of the purse, ending at the top hem. Cut two strips of fabric to use for the handles, or buy two to three inch wide strapping material. Sew the handles on by folding them in half and placing the ends equal distances apart, one on each side.

Select a large picture and laminate it, cutting it in any shape you want. You can glue the laminated picture on with fabric glue, hot glue or white glue. After it’s dry, use colored fabric paints to outline the photo. The paints are available in day-glow, glitters and pearl tones. You can use a jewel or another trinket to attach to each corner of the picture, if the picture is rectangular. If the picture is round, outline it in glue, then sprinkle on glitter or seed beads. You can also outline the picture in yarn, braided colored twine, dimension paint, colored sand, leather strips, ribbon, metallic cord, rope, raffia, small shells, strung beads, colored foam strips, tiny silk flowers and leaves, glitter glue, or pieces of brightly colored fabric.

There’s no need in limiting the pictures on the bag to only one. You can cut several pictures out, laminate and attach to the bag. Use various shapes for each picture to make the bag more interesting.

Instead of laminating the photos, you can make clear plastic pockets and sew them onto the bag. Now slip in any pictures you want, and change them at will. Use fabric paint to outline all four sides, but leave the top or one side open to slide the pictures in and out.

Try different designs for the bag. Place one large picture on the bag, place small pictures around the front edges of the bag, or just align three pictures across the center front of the purse. The pictures don’t have to be relatives, either. If Elvis is your idol, make a bag with his picture, or use a beautiful beach scene picture from a magazine.

Try different designs

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