How to make a pet sofa protector

How to make a pet sofa protector

Pets are such a wonderful addition to our lives but some things about them can drive us crazy. If you love your pet but you’re tired of fur all over the sofa make a couch protector pad for the pooch. Measure across the width of the first cushion. The protector doesn’t have to be the exact size of the cushion – it can be wider or more narrow depending upon how large of a dog you have. And if you want, you can make the protector the size of the couch for multiple pets. You know your pet’s favorite spot to lay so make the protector to cover that particular area of a sofa or chair.

Cut two pieces of fabric to the width desired. Now measure from the back part of the couch, down the front and across the seat. Measure down the front of the couch a few inches as well. Cut the two pieces of fabric this length. Sew around the two pieces, right sides together, except for a few inches at the middle of the bottom. Use this area to turn the pad right side out. Stitch shut.

Measure the length and height of the inside arm of the couch. Cut two pieces to this size. Sew the two pieces, right sides together, all the way around, leaving a small space for turning. Turn the pad right side out and stitch shut.

Lay the large pad out in the appropriate position on the couch. The pad should hang slightly over the back and somewhat down the front of the couch. Now set the small pad up against the inside arm of the sofa. Pin the two pads together, from the back, where they meet at the seat and the back. Place the area under the presser foot and stitch across the seat area then up the back area. Back tack on each end to secure. If you’re making a sofa size protector cut and stitch two of the inside arm panels.

You can even add a long pillow for the pooch to rest his head. The pillow will stretch across the lower back part of the couch. To make it cut two circles approximately 9″ in diameter. You may need to adjust this size for smaller dogs. Cut one long rectangular piece of fabric the width of the pad and the length of the approximate circumference of the circular pieces. Start by sewing the rectangular form on to the circle at the edges. Leave a few inches at the beginning unstitched.

When you get to the end fold under a half-inch or so. Sew the other circle to the other end of the rectangle. When you get almost to the end remove the fabric from under the presser foot. Now sew the ends of the rectangular piece together. Place one circular part back under the machine and stitch shut. Turn right side out. Stuff the pillow through the opening on the one end. Stitch shut. Now you can hand stitch the pillow to the main pad or simply toss it up on the sofa when you lay the pad down for pup.

Padding can be put in between the two layers of the main piece and the arm piece. After stitching and turning, stuff the pads with foam, cotton or poly. Another way is to stitch the padding in while sewing the pad. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Now lay a sheet of foam or even a blanket onto the top cloth piece. Sew around then turn right side out before stitching shut.

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