How to make a personalized wall clock

How to make a personalized wall clock

In this article, you will learn how to become a clockmaker, of sorts, and it will be easier than you think!

Personalized wall clocks are a rather inexpensive item to make, and they are a great gift to give to your family and friends!

First you must decide what kind of clock you are going to make, and how you are going to personalize it. Your own imagination is the limit to your creativity! Let’s say, for example, that you decide to make a wall clock using a small plate. A dinner plate would be too large, so you choose a bread plate instead. This plate can be plain, white, colored, or already decorated, the choice is yours.

You will then need to gather together some crafting supplies. The supplies consist of, in this instance, a bread plate, a clock movement with a battery, numerals one to twelve, all-purpose glue, a hanger, paint, stencils, or decals, and a magic marker. You will also need a small power drill and drill bits. NOTE: The clock hands are always included with the clock movement, and sometimes a hanger is too. Check the box to see what is included before you purchase additional items.

Next, find the middle of your bread plate. To do that, measure the plate with a ruler from top to bottom, and mark the middle. Then measure from side to side and mark the middle. The two spots should be at the same position, of course, and if they are not, you must measure again. Use the power drill to carefully drill a hole clear through the middle of the plate. The hole should be large enough to slip the shaft of the clock movement through. After drilling, check to make sure the shaft fits well.

The next step is to clean any shavings or drilling dust off of the plate. Then, decide on how you want to personalize it. An example would be to use the stencils to paint, “Martha’s Kitchen” across the top of the plate. Then, below the shaft hole, you could paint a row of flowers, designs, or anything you choose. You can use decals if your painting skills aren’t that good. Make sure to arrange the lettering and the pictures in an attractive manner on the plate.

Note: Let the decorative lettering and pictures you have just created dry thoroughly before you begin the next step of this project.

Now, you will need to measure and mark the positions of the clock’s numbers. Generally, of course, a clock’s face is round, and the numerals are arranged in the round fashion. If you have a problem with this part, simply use something round and smaller to trace a circle on the clock face. From there you can mark where each number will be. After you have decided where to put them, glue the numerals securely onto the face of the clock. Note: Using plastic or pre-made numerals is much easier, but if you possess a good painting hand, you can paint the numbers directly onto the plate itself.

Finally, install the clock movement by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to install the movement and the hands exactly as the directions say in order for your new clock to work properly. Install the hanger on the back of the wall clock, and you are ready to enjoy your new personalized wall clock!

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