How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a lifeline for many people. Some corporations are run on coffee, and it is definitely an important part of our culture. But unlike the microwave, the television, and the computer; coffee is not something we seek to escape from when we go camping. Camping is a time when coffee, a small comfort from home, is an absolute necessity.

Looking at the different ways that coffee is made can be illuminating. According to an article by Clare Horn in Natural Health Magazine. The coffee with the least amount of caffeine is the instant variety. Espresso is surprisingly low in its caffeine content, with Turkish/Greek coffee only slightly higher.

The elitist, French Press coffee has a brewing time of 4 minutes, and although it is the preferred method of some trendy coffee shops it does not yield as great a caffeine buzz as others. The old fashioned perked brew is moving up the scale but is surpassed by the most popular home drip or filter system. Guess which method comes out on top in the caffeine department. Yes, the very coffee that will be boiled over campfires around the country. Boiled brewing has the highest caffeine content of the popular methods described.

The best way to make this delectable brew is in large quantities, because as the campers emerge from their woodsy slumbers, they will smell the ubiquitous smell of the campfire along with this irresistible pungent liquid happily bubbling among the coals. The campers will descend on the pot of camp coffee, and you will certainly want to have enough to go around.

The ratio of coffee grounds to water should be 1/2 cup grounds to every 3 cups of water. This will produce a strong and flavorful coffee to wake the most sluggish pilgrim. The grounds and water are placed together in a large pot. Set the water to boil and allow it to boil steadily for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and add a cup or so of cold water. The cold water will cause the grounds to sink to the bottom of the pot so that when the coffee is poured into a cup it does not maintain a crunchy quality.

Now you have a wonderful cup of coffee. As you sip this gourmet elixir, think about the culinary wisdom you have gained about the coffee. This dark alluring brew is at the top of the pyramid for caffeine content, and rugged outdoor enjoyment.

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