How to make a paper spaceship model

How to make a paper spaceship model

Would you like to make a really cool paper model spaceship that glows in the dark?

You can make a spaceship that not only glows, but it will also appear to float through the air all by itself! This spaceship is fun and very easy to design. You will astound your family and friends with this one-of-a-kind spacecraft.

To make a paper model spaceship you will need 2 thick paper bowls, newspapers, wallpaper paste, masking tape, an empty thread spool, a pony bead, a needle, clear thread, paintbrushes, water, a disposable container, and black, white, and glow-in-the-dark green acrylic paint. Some people have a sensitivity to wallpaper paste, so you might want to consider wearing disposable latex gloves.

Begin by covering your work area with newspapers. Securely tie a long piece of clear thread to a pony bead. Put the other end through the eye of a sewing needle. Carefully center and push the needle through the inside of a thick paper bowl. The pony bead will act as a stopper to keep the thread from pulling through the bowl. Remove the needle, and wind the thread around an empty thread spool. Secure the thread in the notch on the edge of the spool.

Next put the two bowls together, and secure the edges with masking tape. Make sure the two bowls are securely joined, and smooth the tape as much as possible.

Tear off strips of newspaper to cover the spaceship. Make the strips about an inch wide and about six inches long. Fill a bowl with water. Wet the first strip, and squeeze out as much water as possible. Cover the paper strip with wallpaper paste. Rub off any excess paste, and place the strip crossways over the paper model spaceship. Continue this procedure until the entire spaceship is covered. Hang it over newspapers to dry.

After the paste has dried, cover the spaceship with a coat of white acrylic paint. If necessary, give the spaceship a second coat. The topcoat of glow-in-the-dark paint will have a more uniform appearance if the underlying newsprint is completely covered. After the white paint has dried, use a pencil to draw windows around the top of the spaceship. Paint around the windows with green glow-in-the-dark paint, and completely coat the rest of the spaceship. After the green paint has dried, fill in the windows with black acrylic paint. Set it aside to dry.

Make your paper model spaceship glow by placing it under a bright light for several minutes. Turn off the lights, and your spaceship will magically glow!

You could also decorate the spaceship with other glow-in-the-dark colors. Try painting the windows different colors, or paint geometric designs or symbols on your spacecraft. Use your imagination, and design a spaceship unlike any you’ve seen in books or on television. Give it a one-of-a-kind look that’s out of this world.

Have fun flying your spaceship outside by hanging it over a low tree branch. Pull the thread to make the spaceship rise and fall. You can also swing the spaceship above your head to make it fly in circles.

Hang the spaceship in your room near a source of light. When the lights go out your spaceship will glow. Recharge the effect by turning the lights back on. You could also hang it near an open window, and on a breezy day it will appear to float all by itself. It will look really cool when the lights are off!

You could design an entire fleet of alien spaceships for your room. Attach glow-in-the-dark plastic stars to the ceiling and create your very own galaxy. You’ll love falling asleep while watching the glowing stars and spaceships you’ve designed. You’ll dream of far away galaxies and spaceships from worlds beyond our own.

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