How to make a paper model of the titanic

How to make a paper model of the titanic

The sinking of the supposedly unsinkable Titanic is one of the all-time great stories ever told. Generation after generation has been alternatively fascinated and horrified when discovering the inherent drama of the great ship’s demise. Children are often especially mesmerized by the telling of this unforgettable historical tale.

If your child has read about the Titanic or seen the Oscar winning movie you might want to pick one rainy day afternoon and work with them to complete a project that is both educational and fun.

In order to create this model you will need:

One sheet of yellow oaktag or heavy cardboard
One sheet of black oaktag or heavy cardboard
At least five sheets of unlined white paper
Black, white, and yellow paint or these color magic markers
Glue, staples and tape
A picture of the ship from a book or website for reference (you can always get one from the library or online)
A small quantity of black or grey wool or white cotton

Estimated completion time: one two hours

Begin by putting all items that you need to work with on the floor in one corner.

Open the book about the Titanic and find the picture you want to use as a model. First, make the bottom of the boat by cutting off one third of the black piece of oaktag or cardboard. Fold the oaktag. Staple the two sides together. Once you’ve done this cut off one end to resemble the arc of the ship’s prow. Add detail by writing the word Titanic in capital letters on one side towards the top in yellow. Make little portholes for the ship by painting or coloring small white dots in three rows across the top. You now have room for the top half of the boat.

The top half has two parts: the white decks and the yellow and black cylinders representing the four funnels on the original ship.

Use the unlined white paper to create the top three decks of the boat. Make the first of these by cutting a piece of paper about an inch long. Attach this piece of paper to the bottom of the boat using staples. Place the staples on the interior so it looks neater. It should form a white rim all around the entire frame of the boat. Once you’ve done this take another piece of white paper and cut it to conform to the length of the interior of the boat. Attach it to the interior of the boat with staples or glue.

You now have a deck for the entire boat. Make the upper three floors of the boat by cutting pieces of paper the width of the interior of the boat and about two thirds of the length. The last of the three decks should have four holes cut into it to make room for the four funnels. Each white paper deck can be attached to the rest of the model with staples, glue or tape. Paint or color black squares on both sides of the white paper to represent the exterior windows of the ship.

The last part is the hardest: creating the four funnels.

Cut the yellow oaktag or heavy cardboard into four round cylinders of equal length. Staple the sides together. Using the magic marker or paint, color the top fifth of the cylinder black. The cylinders should not dwarf the boat so don’t make them too big. Staple small puffy bits of the wool or cotton to the end of the funnels to represent smoke coming from the interior coal engines of original Titanic. Carefully slide the four funnels into the pre-cut holes on the top deck. Add a little bit of glue or tape to the exterior where the funnel meets the hole so they stay firmly in place.

Once you’re done sit back and enjoy your creation. Unlike the original Titanic, this is one boat that can be used again and again.

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