How to make a paper model car

paper model car

Here is a craft you can do with your kids. The child can have the fun coloring the picture and the adult can do the more difficult task in putting it together. It’s a fun project that you can work on together!

Items you will need

Paper (preferably construction paper, any color will do)
2 sharp colored pencils, one black and one red
Crayons, markers, glitter or whatever else you would like to use to decorate your vehicle
Tape or glue stick

Car template

  1. Using a ruler and the black pencil, draw a profile of the vehicle you are going to make on a piece of construction paper. I find that drawing a jeep profile is the easiest to use at your first attempt, because there are no rounded curves, except for the tires, just straight lines.
  2. Cut out the shape, this is your template.
  3. Place the template at the bottom of another piece of construction paper. You can use any color construction paper you or your child would like the vehicle to be, or use white if your child would like to color the picture itself.
  4. Using the sharp black pencil, lightly trace around the template.
  5. Using the ruler and the red pencil, draw a horizontal rectangle, making sure to connect the bottom of your rectangle to the top of your vehicle, this is the roof.
  6. Turn the template upside down making sure the roof of the template connects to the top of your rectangle (roof). Make sure the front of the vehicle is facing the same direction and trace again using your black pencil. Your picture should now be taking shape that will make the following directions easier to understand.
  7. Make the front windshield and rear window. You will need to draw a rectangle connected to the left side of the roof and the right side of the roof (the rectangle in the middle). This rectangle should be vertical with the top and bottom of the rectangle angling in towards the roof. Kind of like a triangle on its side with the tip cut off.
  8. Draw a square for the hood and a vertical rectangle for the front grille. The size of the grille should be half the size of the hood. Using the red pencil, draw a red line on the right and left side of the square (hood).
  9. Draw a vertical rectangle next to the rear window. This is your tailgate.
  10. Draw tabs using the black pencil in certain places on your vehicle. One on each side of your grille, your hood, your windshield, each side of the rear window, and one on each side of the tailgate. Before you begin to cut, have your child draw windows and color the picture. They can even draw a picture of a driver if they would like. Let them use their imaginations.
  11. Cut along the black lines around the tabs. Do not cut on the red lines, this is important. You are basically cutting around the shape of the vehicle.
  12. Fold along the red lines. Both sides of the vehicle should be folded down along with the rear tailgate and the front grill. Fold the hood back towards the windshield. Now fold the tabs inwards and glue or tape the tabs to the inside of the vehicle.

You should now have a paper model car that you have created together, and a great show a tell project!

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