How to make a paper model bus

How to make a paper model bus

You can make a paper model bus with a few simple materials found around your house. This paper model bus can be used for play with miniature people, and will provide loads of fun. You can make one for yourself, and you should consider making one for a friend or family member who likes to play with toy vehicles. This particular model will have real working wheels, and doors that open and close.

To make a paper model bus you will need a square-ended cardboard cracker box, 4 wooden skewers, a small hacksaw, 8 cork wheels, scissors, masking tape, 3-inch wide clear box tape, a pencil, acrylic craft paint, paintbrushes, a craft knife, and newspapers. For the cork wheels, use either stoppers or discs. They can be found in larger craft stores.

Begin by cutting the end of the cracker box to form the front portion of the bus. Open the flaps on one end of the cracker box, and cut approximately 3 inches down the two corner seams along the top. Carefully fold the cut portion down to form the front window, and fold it again to form the hood of the bus. Crease the folds, and tape the open ends to complete the body of the bus.

The next step is to create windows and doors for the bus. Draw the front window on the bus using a pencil. If necessary, find something appropriately sized to trace around. Next, draw the side door of the bus. Make it extra wide to accommodate your hand if you plan on using toy people with it. Also, draw an emergency door on the back of the bus. This will give you an additional opening for easy access to toy people inside the bus. After the doors have been drawn, carefully cut them out, leaving the sides attached. Crease the attached parts, and fold them in and out several times so they’ll work easily. In addition, cut out the front window. It will later be covered with clear tape to simulate the glass.

Cover your work area with newspapers so you can begin painting the bus. You can paint your bus using yellow and black paint, or you can make a unique bus with colors of your choice. Paint the background of the bus, and when the paint has dried add the stripes, trim, and lettering. Be sure to completely cover the entire exterior. Let the paint dry.

After the paint has dried, carefully make two holes through each end of the bus to accommodate the wheel axils. You’ll need to use something sharp, so be very careful. Ask an adult for assistance if necessary. Be sure to make the holes slightly larger than the wooden skewers so the wheels turn freely. When the skewers are inserted they should stick out approximately one inch on each side. If they are too long you’ll need to trim them with a hacksaw.

If you don’t have 8 equally sized cork discs, cut 8 cork stoppers to create 8 wheels. Be sure to make them the same width by cutting them with a craft knife if necessary. Carefully push the wooden skewers through the center of each cork disc. The axils should be able to turn freely, and the bus should be able to roll on a flat surface.

Lastly, place a piece of clear box tape over the front window to create a clear pane of glass. If you’ve cut windows into the back emergency exit, also cover those with clear box tape.

Enjoy playing with your finished bus, or display it for all to see. This project would also make a nice gift box for a favorite bus driver. Fill the interior with wrapped pieces of candy for a special holiday gift, or give it to him or her as a way to say thanks . You’ll enjoy giving this bus as a gift almost as much as you enjoyed making it.

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