How to make a paper mache animal mask

How to make a paper mache animal mask

Here are a fun and creative Idea for a Halloween costume. You can make a homemade paper mache animal mask! It’s very simple and inexpensive. Here are a few of the items that you will need. Most of these can probably be found around the house. Whatever you do not have can be found at your local craft store.


Pipe cleaners
Large rubber band
Paper punch
Exacta knife
Dixie cup

First, you will need to blow up the balloon. You will want a medium-sized round balloon. It does not matter what color it is because we will only be using it to make our mold. Now blow it up so that it is about the size of the head of the person the mask is for. Now mix about an ½ cup of flour and ¾ of a cup of water so that you have a nice milky paste. If it’s too thick, that is ok, just add some more water until it is the consistency of pancake batter. Tear some newspaper into 2-inch wide strips. Dip the strips of newspaper into the paste; make sure you have completely covered the newspaper and scrape off any excess paste.

Cover half the balloon with the pastry strips. Try to place the strips on as smoothly as possible and put at least two layers of strips on. Now let it dry for at least 24 hrs. When the mask is completely dry, you may pop the balloon. Now you know why the color did not matter. Using the exacta knife cut two holes out for the eyes and a small hole just big enough for your nose to fit through. Using a paper punch, punch two small holes on the Dixie cup. These are your nostrils. Now take some glue and apply it to the mouth of the Dixie cup and place it over the hole for your nose.

Now you have your snout! Cut a slit where the mouth should be. Please remember that ventilation is very important! Punch one hole on each side of the mask. Cut the extra-large rubber band and tie each end into the holes. You are ready to decorate your mask! What animal would you like to be? Would you like to be a giraffe or a bear? How about a tiger or even a ferocious lion! You decide! Let us say you decide to be a tiger.

Paint the mask orange and put some black stripes on the face. Punch some small holes in the snout with a toothpick and use the pipe cleaners for whiskers. Glue them in so they stay in place. If you decide to be a lion you can use cotton balls for the mane or better yet, some yarn! You can even make a variety of mache animal masks and use them to decorate a child’s room. Do you know a child that would not want to have a jungle theme in their bedroom? Have fun, and let your imaginations run wild!

Paint the mask orange

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