How to make a Mrs. Claus costume

How to make a Mrs. Claus costume

A Mrs. Claus Costume can be made easily using items from your own closet. As long as you have some clothing items that are red, or white, you can turn yourself into Mrs. Claus by just adding a few simple pieces.

A. Search your closet for the following items:

1. A red skirt, suit, or dress: Unlike Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus does not have a uniform that is set in stone. Therefore, any red outfit will work as the base for her costume. You only have to remember that she is a mature woman, so keep that in mind when picking a dress. The hem of her outfit needs to be calf length or longer and the skirt can be full or straight.

2. A red or white frilly blouse: If you have a Victorian style frilly shirt from the 1980’s, it would make a perfect blouse for Mrs. Clause. A Poet shirt, which is still quite popular, would work as well. The frillier the shirt is the better.

3. Black boots: Any boot that looks good with a skirt will do as long as it is black. Ankle height lace up boots would coordinate best with the Victorian blouse since they are from the same era.

4. Gloves: Any proper lady should own a pair of white gloves, so Mrs. Clause should own a pair two. If you have outside duties as Mrs. Claus, black leather gloves will do just fine.

B. Purchase or make the following items:

1. White hair: If you already have white hair that you van pull into a bun, then you are all set. You can also powder your hair to make it look white. There are Mrs. Claus wigs available for purchase in many costume stores as well.

2. Large bib-type frilly apron: This item will make your outfit look more authentic. If you do not have a white frilly apron, you can purchase a cooking apron from the craft of cooking store and sew lace onto it. You can also add red embellishments onto it and embroider a cute saying on it like “My heart belongs to Santa”.

C. The following items will add extra Christmas flair to your costume. You can make them easily.

1. A cape or fur collar and sleeve cuffs: Purchase piece of red felt and cut it in a circle that is approximately 40″ in diameter. (20″ from the center to the edge) Once your circle is cut out, fold it in half and cut out a space for your neck (about 6 inches in diameter). Then cut a straight line from the neck opening to the edge. Now you have a red cape that you can put over your shoulders. Trim the cape with white felt or white faux fur for the collar and hem. Add a piece of Velcro for the neck enclosure.

2. White cuffs: (if you have chosen to use a red suit from your closet, they you will want to make removable cuffs for your sleeve. Cut bands or white felt of faux fur about 5 inches wide and long enough to go around the wrist hem of your jacket. Attach it to your jacket with safety pins.

3. A Sleeping style bonnet: In many pictures of Mrs. Claus, she is wearing a sleeping bonnet. You can make this out of the same red felt as the cape or you can use white cotton. Cut a large circle, about 18 inches in diameter. Sew lace around the outside of the circle for your hem. About 4 inches from the hem within your circle, mark another circle. Using a thin piece of elastic and a large needle, (the elastic should fit into the eye of the needle) and using the circle as your guide, sew the elastic into your bonnet using a simple running stitch. When you get to the starting point, pull the ends of the elastic to gather the bonnet and tie it off at a size that will fit your head.

By using all or several of these elements, you will be able to create a realistic-looking Mrs. Clause costume.

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