How to make a mirrored seashell tabletop arrangement

How to make a mirrored seashell tabletop arrangement

There are many cute little craft projects you can make with seashells and a few other supplies. One is a tabletop arrangement with mirrors and shells. Various sizes and shapes of mirrors can be found at most any craft store. They have large round ones, small oval ones and more. Choose the size of mirrors for the project you want to make. For a small bathroom shelf choose the 5″X5″ square or round mirrors. For a large tabletop display select the 9″X9″ mirrors instead. Round mirrors are particularly great for this project.

The arrangement will have one mirror in the front and one in back. Lay one mirror on the table where you’re working and paint the back of the other mirror. Metallic paints such as gold or silver are perfect. After the paint has dried stand the mirror upright on top of the bottom mirror, at its outer edge. Notice where the two mirrors meet and glue this area only.

For instance, if you have square mirrors but you’re doing them in a diamond shape glue one corner of the standing mirror on top of one corner of the lying mirror. Hot glue works quickly but in the beginning, the mirrors will not be very steady. The glue simply holds the mirror in place temporarily while you attach the other items.

Use a small piece of driftwood to help hold the mirrors together. Place hot glue on the bottom and backside of the driftwood then set it up against the back mirror. This looks very aquatic and helps hold the mirrors in place. Outline a small section of the mirror with a line of hot glue. The line doesn’t have to be straight; it can curve and bend. Behind the glue line spread white glue and sprinkle on sand.

The appearance should be that of the driftwood being in the sand. The remainder of the mirror that is not covered in the sand will represent water. Now use a small piece of netting to throw over the driftwood. Lay the netting around the project, draping it over the wood then allowing it to lay across a small section of the bottom mirror, in the sand. It can also drape from the back mirror down over the wood and onto the bottom mirror.

Purchase small silk flowers with leaves and stalks. The flowers should be proportional to the project size itself. Don’t choose roses but instead choose flowers that look like some you would see around a beach. Glue some of the flowers to where they appear to be growing through the holes of the net. Snip just the floral portion off of some and glue them directly onto the mirror, next to the driftwood.

Glue tiny seashells, starfish or even beach glass to the sand area of the project. Paint them first, if desired, to add more color to the project. Add novelties from a craft store like a tiny beach towel or a seagull. You can even buy a tiny boat to put on the glass portion where there’s no sand.

Glue tiny seashells

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