How to make a Mexican pinata

How to make a Mexican pinata

To make a pinata, you’ll need the following supplies:

white glue, newspaper, tissue paper, white paper, candies or small treats and toys, a balloon, and paint.

Blow the balloon up and tie it shut. Pour about a cup of white glue into a bowl and add enough water to make it the consistency of cream. Now you will need to take your newspaper and tear it up into strips that are about 1 inch or less in width and about 6-8 inches long. Drag them through the past and plaster the balloon with the gluey strips. You will need to build up about five or six layers of paper. To make sure each layer is complete, use regular black and white print for one layer and then color comics for the next. You’ll see where the previous layer shows through and it will be easy to cover it over.

Once the layers are done, let the pinata dry overnight. Take a pin and push it through the paper mache to pop the balloon inside. Now you’ll need a way to get the candy in. Using a craft knife, cut a small circle out of one end of the pinata and pour in the candy. You will now apply another layer of glue and paper, but this time use white paper. It provides a neutral surface for painting on. Let it dry overnight before decorating with tissue paper and paint.

Use a needle and thread to string up the pinata and hang it from the ceiling. When you’re ready, have people take turns whacking it while blindfolded, with a stick. When the pinata breaks, everyone scrambles for the prizes!

A plain oval pinata is not very interesting. You can easily enhance it by turning it into an animal or something else. Here are some fun ideas.

STAR: Cut five triangles out of cardboard and tape them to the balloon. They will be floppy, so prop them up with newspaper-covered books while you paste newspaper strips to the balloon. With each layer, cover the triangles as well. Once it’s all dry, paint yellow and sprinkle with gold glitter, or cover in yellow tissue paper.

DOG: Tape four cardboard toilet paper tubes to the bottom of your balloon, positioned as legs. Cut the fifth tube in half for a neck and tape to the top and front of the pinata. Now add a styrofoam egg for a head-on top of the neck and continue pasting as usual. When it’s all dry, cut two-inch strips of brown tissue paper and cut slits one inch in all along the edge of them. Overlap the strips so the fringe shows. Add googly eyes and tissue paper ears and twist a tissue paper tail.

EASTER EGG: Finish the pinata as mentioned in the article. Now paint it in stripes and add sparkles to some strips, fake flowers and gemstones to the others.

FISH: For a fish, cut a cardboard head out and tape it to one end of the balloon. Cut a fish tail out and stick it to the other end. Proceed as usual, covering the cutouts thoroughly. Finish it off with paint or tissue paper scales and add floaty tissue fins.

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