How to make a memory board to display photos

How to make a memory board to display photos

We create quite a few memories, good and bad during our lifetimes, but the good memories are the ones we hold and cherish. One way to remember a particularly good time in your life is to make a memory board with a shelf. Almost any size and type of wood can be used for this project. Cut a two-by-four or plank to fit the length of the board. Sand the edges. From the backside of the board, screw the shelf to the mainboard. Attach hardware for hanging the project and paint or stain the board and shelf.

Memories can be different things to different people. A key might mean nothing to one person, but to another, it represents his or her first car. Gather things related to a certain memory, such as your first vehicle, and affix them to the board. One item can be the key that you saved all these years. Glue it anywhere on the board. Maybe you have a photo of yourself with the car, so glue it on the board as well.

Attach other things related to the memory, like your first drivers’ license, or the fuzzy dice you used to hang in the mirror. For large things related to the memory, like the dice, set them on the shelf. After you’ve completed the board, add other related items to the shelf. It could be the exact replica and color of the one you used to own. It’s your memory board, make it how you want.

A baby’s birth is another memory that many people cherish. Make a baby board by attaching one of the first pictures of the baby, the hospital bracelet, the first hair bow, and beads that spell the baby’s name. Then, bronze the baby’s first pair of booties and set them on the shelf, along with a pacifier or other trinkets. Or, place a picture of your child when born, another picture from the first grade, one from another time, and so on. Under each one, on the shelf, place a special something from that time period. Under the newborn picture could be a set of booties, under the second picture, place a Mother’s Day present the child made in school, and so forth.

The passing of a loved one, like Grandma or Grandpa, is a sad occasion, but most of us have great memories of them. You can make a memory board to represent the best times you had with that person. Place some of your favorite photos of the person on the shelf, and then put the dollar Grandpa gave you when you were 5 in a picture frame and attach the small frame to the board, along with his favorite buck knife, or what have you. You can also attach small C hooks to the shelf for hanging Grandpa’s fishing cap or the slingshot he made you when you were little.

If you’ve left the wood plain, you can now varnish or lacquer the entire memory board, along with its collection of memories. Varnish with a tinted stain to make the entire project look antique, or use a clear lacquer to preserve the board and its memories. Remember to protect any clear glass, like a picture frame, before varnishing.

If you don’t have aboard, and the items you’re collecting are flat, you can use a large picture frame, and then attach the board to the wall, under the frame. Other memory boards could be a favorite animal who is now gone, your college years, boarding school, your high school prom, your first job, or whatever memories that are special to you.

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