How to make a lollipop tree

How to make a lollipop tree

Lollipop trees are so simple to make and are fabulous for birthday parties, occasional centerpieces. Today you can make Christmas trees of all kinds and with all kinds of materials. 

With them, you can give a touch of modernity and originality to your home this Christmas. If you want to innovate a bit in Christmas decoration, change the classic Christmas tree of every year and go ahead and make this Christmas tree of lollipops. 

What materials do I need?

  • square wooden dowels
  • green paint
  • nails
  • hammer
  • brush
  • glue
  • lollipops

How do I make my Christmas tree out of lollipops?

  1. The first thing you have to do to make this original Christmas tree is to paint the wooden rectangles with the green paint and the brush. Give it two coats for a nice finish. Let the paint dry.
  2. When the paint is dry, begin to put the wooden blocks . For the base, put two wooden rectangles in a cross, to make it stable put two wooden squares at the ends of each rectangle.
  3. To join the wood you can do it with nails or with special glue for wood. If you decide to use nails, put one in the center of each wooden rectangle. If you decide to use glue, you simply have to put a little bit in the center of the rectangle and put another on top, so on. Lay the wood in a zig zag, the largest rectangles at the bottom and the smallest at the top.
  4. Finally stick the lollipops on the wood , distribute them all over the tree, they will simulate the Christmas tree decorations. If you want, you can add an ornament on top, a star for example.

Do not think about it anymore and take note, if you like crafts and make your decoration yourself to make it to your liking and with a personal touch, this is a good idea for you to put into practice.

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