How to make a lemonade stand with cardboard

How to make a lemonade stand with cardboard

Who can resist a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day especially when served by a cute kid? Your cute kid can be the one making some cash when you quickly build them a lemonade stand. The stand can be made from plywood or cardboard. Obviously the wooden one will hold up longer but the cardboard stand is easier to maneuver.

To make the wooden stand use thin plywood to prevent the stand from being too heavy. Measure from the child’s waist to the floor to know the countertop height. Cut two pieces of plywood this height with a width of 20 to 25 inches. Now cut two more pieces the height of the counter with a width of 12 inches.

On one of the large pieces of wood cut the entire center square out, leaving only four inches of wood on each side. Cut one rectangular piece that is 12 inches wide. The length should be the measurement you’ve chosen for the width of the large plywood piece (20 to 25 inches).

Lay the largest piece of wood on the floor or prop up against a wall. Screw or nail the side pieces to the edges of the large piece. Now nail the piece with the cut-out to the two side pieces. This will form the box for the lemonade stand with an opening for setting supplies. Nail or screw the counter top into place. You can laminate the counter top for smoothness if desired.

Purchase four dowels which are at least five inches in diameter. To figure out the length of the dowels measure from your child’s waist to a few inches above his head. Screw the dowels onto the countertop from the underside, at each corner. Cut two boards about fourteen inches by the width measurement of the front plywood piece.

Nail the two pieces together at an angle to form a point at the top. Place the roof on the dowels and nail into place. Screw a block of wood or thread spool onto each bottom corner for legs. Paint and decorate the lemonade stand any way you wish.

For the cardboard, stand to turn a cardboard box upside down. If you don’t have one the appropriate size you can cut a larger box down somewhat. A box with flaps is preferred to keep the lemonade stand from collapsing. To keep it sitting level cut the two small flaps off of the box and tape across the two long pieces to hold them shut.

You can make plywood stand with legs for the lemonade stand if you want. Place the dowels onto the four corners of the box bottom which has now become the countertop.

Cut one more cardboard piece for the roof. It should be about 24 to 26 inches long with a width of that of the cardboard box. Bend the cardboard sheet in half and position it on top of the dowels. Glue into place. Paint and decorate as you wish.

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