How to make a lego horse

How to make a lego horse

You will need:

Two single white pieces or eye pieces, depending on your set
Eight black pieces with four connectors

One black piece with two connectors
Nine brown pieces with four connectors
Five brown pieces with eight connectors
Three brown pieces with six connectors
Two brown pieces with two connectors
Two brown pieces, sloped, with a hole for connectors on bottom, four connectors on top. These will be the smaller of the slope pieces.
One brown piece, sloped, with a hole for connectors on bottom, six connectors on top. This will be the larger of the sloped pieces. You may also need to use two single sloped pieces to create the bigger one, depending on your set.

Row one: Starting from the legs, use two black pieces with four connectors for the feet.

Rows two, three and four: Three brown pieces with four connectors go on top of each black piece.

Row five: To the front legs, add one small, sloped brown piece with the hole on the bottom and four connectors on top, as well as one brown piece with two connectors. To the back legs, add the sloped brown piece with a hole for connectors on the bottom, six connectors on top as well as one of the two connector brown pieces.

Row six: Place the second small, sloped brown piece to the first sloped piece, completing the slope, which will become the horse’s chest. Use one of the eight-connector brown pieces behind the sloped piece. On the back legs, use another eight-connector brown piece on top of the long slope and two-connector piece.

Row seven: With two brown eight connector pieces, connect the legs together by creating the next row of the body. A single four-connector piece will complete the row, connecting the legs together and two rows of the body.

Row eight: For the next row, start with a brown four-connector piece, moving from the left to right. The next piece will be an eight-connector piece, then a six-connector piece. You should have two empty connectors at the tail end of the horse, the tail end being the non-sloped side. Finish out the row with a black four connector piece. Only half of the piece will fit on the row. A two-connector black piece will need to be attached under the four connector piece, creating a tail.

Row nine: A brown six-connector piece and the black four-connector piece will complete the next row.

Row ten: To complete the horse’s neck, a brown four connector piece and a black four connector piece should be placed upon the previous row.

Row eleven: The horse’s mouth is created by using a brown six-connector piece. A black four-connector piece will continue the mane you have been creating with the other black pieces.

Row twelve: For the eyes, use the white pieces or eye pieces, if your set has them. Place the pieces on the middle connectors on the previous row. Another black four connector piece adds to the mane.

Row thirteen: The final row is the completion of the mane. Your final black piece with four connectors will be used to complete the black mane.

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