How to make a leather skirt

How to make a leather skirt

Leather skirts are a popular clothing item that seems to always be in style! But, if you buy one at your local clothing store, the price tag might be more than you’re willing to pay. Being a “do it yourself”, though, you can still have a leather skirt by making one yourself!

Since you want a leather skirt, chances are that you know how leather feels to wear. You probably already know that you have the right type of body to wear one too. So, you probably already have a pair of old leather pants that you’re willing to part with.

The first step in this project is to take your old leather pants and turn them inside out. Then, lay them out flat on a work surface. You’ll need to decide how long or short you want your skirt to be. Then, start at the top of the waist band and measure down each leg. If you want your leather skirt to be twenty – four inches long, for example, you’ll need to measure out that distance, plus, add two inches. Mark these locations with a piece of chalk. Use a straight ruler to draw a chalk line across each leg where you made the marks.

Now that you have a pair of shorts, you’ll need to use a seam ripper and begin to remove the seams on the inside of the legs. Start at the bottom of a leg and carefully work your way up and back down the other side. Then, you’ll need to use the ripper to open up the seam in the front of the shorts. Do this just enough so that the leather lays flat in the back. Repeat this process in the seat of the shorts. Once you have finished removing the seams, you should have a piece of leather that’s open at the bottom. It should also be open a bit at the front and at the back. And, make sure that it lays out flat.

The next step in this project is to put the seams back together. But, not at the same places! Lay the loose material in the front over so that it fits nicely. Use straight pins to secure it into place. Then, carefully flip the skirt over and position the material in the back too. Make sure that the loose material is positioned so that it covers you up, front and back! Then, secure the back with straight pins too.

You’ll need to try the skirt on – watch out for the sharp straight pins! – to make sure that it fits right. Also, make sure that it looks the way you want it to. If need be, you can use a pair of sharp shears to trim off any leather material that’s in the way. Repeat this process until you are happy with the look of your new leather skirt.

Then, turn up the hem of the skirt and pin it up all the way around. Use a sewing machine with some thread that matches the color of the leather to sew the seams up. Sew the hem into place too.

Now your new leather skirt is ready to show off!

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