How to Make a Leather Money Clip

Leather Money Clip

Looking for a gift for a guy? Guys can be hard to shop for, especially if you don’t have much money. It’s even hard to make a present for a guy that he’ll really appreciate. How about making him a leather magnetic money clip? It’s easier than you think.

Materials needed:

  • Piece of Leather
  • Two Magnets
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Paper clip, Permanent marker, Acrylic Paint, Leather burning tool

About the materials, you can find most of these items in a craft store. Craft leather and craft faux leather can be found sold in small squares. Magnets can be found by the roll or as individual squares at the craft store too. For glue either tacky glue or hot glue will be fine. You can also be thrifty and use some items you may already have. You could cut up an old belt for the leather. Magnets from the back of magnetic advertisements should work (be sure to remove any plastic or paper decoration or cover, you need just the regular black magnet part).

However before you choose what two magnets to use, be sure to test how strong they are. Obviously, to test them you will need to hold them opposite to each other in order for them to attract. They will need to be strong enough to still attract each other through several layers of folded money. Once you have found the right two magnets and the rest of your materials you are ready to begin.

Cut the leather into a 4 inch by 1 and a half inch section (if using an old belt just go as close to that measurement as you can). Take one magnet and glue it to one end of the leather strip. Let dry until the magnet is set in place. Now take the other magnet and place it on top of the glued magnet. Once you have them attracted to each other, take the other end of the leather and fold it up to the magnets. Glue the end of the leather strip to the top magnet that is not glued yet. Doing it this way will prevent you from gluing the magnets in the wrong direction. Remember they have to oppose each other to attract one another. You now have a basic magnetic leather money clip.

If your magnets are strong enough the money clip should be stable enough to hold a wad of cash. If for some reason you make your money clip and it is only working so, so, then you can add stability by gluing a paper clip into the direct center of the inside of the leather strip. This way even when the magnetic attraction is interfered with, the money will still be kept in place.

You can stop there and have a very simple money clip. But even better is if you have a leather burning tool, you can burn a neat design on the outside of the money clip. Permanent markers or acrylic paint may also work. You could even put a nice inscription on the inside. If for a father it could read, “I love you daddy. For a boyfriend it could say, Now you’ll think of me every time you use this.” Best of all, as a joke writing, Money is the root to all evil.

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