How to make a lavender bud wreath

How to make a lavender bud wreath

Lavender smells heavenly and the flowers are just as beautiful. Few can resist that floral soapy scent. Take advantage of this sensual herb and make a lavender bud wreath to intoxicate your senses and anyone else who happens to notice your creation.

You’ll need:

  • A straw wreath in a heart, square or round shape.
  • A glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Lavender buds (1 to 2 pounds)
  • Lavender essential oil (optional)
  • newspaper

You will easily find these items at your local craft store. Lavender buds can be harvested from your own lavender plants, or you can purchase them at floral supply shops. Also, you can find them on-line if you search under “lavender” or “lavender buds.”

The key to making this wreath is working small areas at a time. Your goal is to cover the entire front and sides of the straw wreath with lavender buds. Gather all your materials, and spread out some newspaper to contain your mess. To begin, start with the sides of the wreath. Cover an area the size of your palm with glue from your hot glue gun. Be careful of the hot glue!

Spoon on the lavender buds heavily and press. Shake the wreath free of the buds that haven’t adhered and scoop them to the side. If you see a bare spot at any time during the glueing and spooning process, then apply more of the hot glue and carefully press the lavender buds into the glue while it cools.

When the sides are finished, start on the inside area. Repeat the same steps to adhere the buds to the inside of the wreath. Lastly, finish the top-side of the wreath. The whole wreath, excluding the back, will be covered with the lavender buds. Be sure to shake any loose buds off and reapply glue and buds to any bare spots.

When you’re done, decide on whether you want to use the lavender essential oil. It adds a wonderful scent to wherever you decide to hang your wreath: hallway, door, bathroom, above a mantel. Adding ribbon to accent the wreath is a possibility also. Use your imagination and be ready to receive rave compliments!

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