How to make a laminated cloth bookmark

How to make a laminated cloth bookmark

A laminating machine is a wonderful thing. It encases most any flat object inside a protective plastic coating. Bookmarks are especially nice after they’ve been laminated. The lamination prevents the bookmark from getting stained or torn. Since the laminating machine does all the work it’s very simple and quick to produce beautiful bookmarks of all shapes and sizes.

After cutting a piece of fabric open a laminating sheet and place the fabric inside. Send the cloth and pocket through the machine and watch a beautiful, protected bookmark come out on the other side. Scissors are needed to trim the bookmark to where at least an eighth of an inch of laminating sheet can be seen all the way around the fabric. Trimming too closely will risk having the lamination come undone. Pinking shears can be used to put a fancy edge on the cloth before laminating.

Nice fabrics like velvet and satin make beautiful bookmarks and you can add little things to enhance the bookmark. Just before placing the top sheet over the fabric sprinkle in some glitter. Or lay the cloth inside the laminating sheet, then use a smaller piece to cut out the shape of a cross or another shape.

The fabric now comes printed with wolves, dolphins, tigers, and other animals. These fabrics make gorgeous bookmarks. Enhance one by placing a flat paper monogram on the fabric, in the middle, just before laminating, or outline some of the animals in glitter paint.

Make a beautiful lace bookmark by cutting one piece of lace for the background. Use one or two other colors of lace to cut slightly smaller than the first and stack. Laminate and trim.

Bookmarks don’t have to be in the shape of a rectangle. Cut out the shape of a fish or giraffe, laminate and trim. Or cut out the shape of a cartoon character from printed fabric to make a bookmark for a child.

If you don’t have access to a laminating machine you can buy laminating pockets that simply require you to lift a flap, place the picture and trim. The laminating pockets stick to themselves but don’t leave as flat a look like a machine.

Try other designs besides rectangles and animal shapes. Cut out small stars, moons or hearts, then place them in a laminating sheet. Or cut letter shapes out to spell out the recipient’s name.

If the cloth is thin you can make a two-sided bookmark. Choose one fabric design on one side and a different color or design on the other side. Cut all edges the same – straight or pink.

Another design is to cut the appropriate size piece of cloth then cut it in strips. Place a strip on the laminating sheet then leave a sliver of a gap before placing the next strip, and so on. The gapped look is cute and unique.

Use a punch to make a hole for threading a small cord for tying. The cord is left hanging out of the bookmark to easily pull it out when ready to read.

Use a punch

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