How to Make a Kool-aid Bag

How to Make a Kool-aid Bag

Begin by soaking 22 pouches in very soapy water and rinse. Make sure the water gets into each pouch and rinse thoroughly. Smooth each pouch, pressing as much water out as possible through the straw hole. The clear pouch backs make it easy to see and get all of the water out of the pouches. Let the pouches air dry overnight or even a few days.

You are now ready to start sewing. This purse will be sewn at all times on the right side (printed side). At no time is it necessary to turn the purse inside out. The zigzag stitch (width 4 and length 3) is recommended but if you are familiar with using a double-needle, straight stitch (length 4 5), this works just as well and actually looks neater and more professional. Please use mercerized cotton thread in the color that you desire.

Step 1 – Begin sewing the front of the purse by overlapping the sides of two pouches together about ¼ of an inch and sewing from top to bottom. Add one more pouch and this is the first row of the front of the purse.

Step 2 – Repeat Step 1 and sew the two rows together, one atop the other. This is the front of the purse. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for the back of the purse.

Step 3 Sewing the side pouches. Sew two pouches, one atop the other, and repeat for the other side.

Step 4 – Add the side pouches to the front of the purse but do not overlap the pouches. Attach one side to one end of the front of the purse sewing wrong sides together beginning at the top and sewing to the bottom leaving an ¼ inch opening at the bottom of each side seam. This will allow for easy placement and sewing the bottom to the top of the purse. Attach the other side pouch in the same manner. Then sew the back of the purse to both sides in the same manner. This completes the front, back, and sides.

Step 5 – For the bottom of the purse, take two pouches and overlap to fit the top and sides of the purse and sew together (about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch). Join the bottom pouches at opposite ends so the words Kool-Aid will be facing the sides of the bags. To sew the bottom of the purse, do not turn the purse inside out. If you are using a double-needle, please switch to a single needle. Take the bottom of the purse and position it under the top of the purse. Starting at one side, at the ¼ inch seam opening, attach the top and the bottom of the purse (wrongs sides together) and topstitch using about ¼ of an inch seam. Stop when you get to the corner. Remove the purse from under the presser foot and turn the purse and sew until you get to the next corner. Do this until you have joined the top and bottom of the purse. Look inside to ensure that you have sewn close enough into the corners so that there are no gaps.

Step 6 – You are now ready to make the handles. Three pouches are needed to make each purse handle. Take three pouches and join them together lengthwise. Then fold over lengthwise three times and topstitch on both sides of the handle. Repeat this process to complete the other handle. To join the handles to the purse, make a U shape with the handles and join each end 2 inches from each side seam to the front of the purse. Repeat this process for the back of the purse. Topstitch once more where you sewed the handles to secure. Adding one additional pouch to each handle makes a great shoulder purse.

Step 7 Add a Velcro closure to the top of the bag if desired.

You can also use Kool Aid Jammer pouches with purchased patterns to make back-packs, lunch totes, wallets, etc. All it requires is making your pouch fabric large enough to accommodate the pattern pieces.

TIP # 1 Use various color pouches in a patchwork quilt pattern

TIP #2 – When cutting pattern pieces from the pouches, the aluminum can be sharp. Sew all seams right sides together.

TIP # 3 – Tape off any raw and exposed edges.

These pouches are very durable and you will enjoy your very clever, chic and versatile Kool Aid Jammers purse for years to come. Be ready for compliments and questions, as this purse is a real conversation starter!

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