How to make a jigsaw puzzle roll-up carrier

How to make a jigsaw puzzle roll-up carrier

Don’t you hate it when you’re working a tough jigsaw puzzle and just as you’re almost finished with it you realize a piece is missing and hours of hard work were for nothing? That won’t happen again after you make a roll-up jigsaw puzzle storage pouch. Cats, kids, and simple slips can cause you to lose a piece or two which leaves you with no puzzle to display. Don’t let that happen again. It’s very easy to make the carrier and takes practically no time or money.

To make a roll-up carrier for your puzzles use a piece of velvet or another fabric that isn’t too slick. Corduroy, denim, and many other fabrics are suitable. The roll-ups are so easy to make that you can have a whole assortment of various sizes or settle on one large carrier. Check the box of your largest puzzle or make the carrier any size you wish. Cut two pieces of the cloth the exact same size. Since you want the wrap-up to lay perfectly flat you’ll want to forego the hemming of the piece. Instead, purchase a no-fray product that is found with sewing supplies. It goes on easily and prevents the edges of the project from unraveling. Treat both pieces around the perimeter with the no-fray solution.

Cut narrow strips of velcro and sew them to the right side of one fabric perimeter. Sew the opposing velcro on the other piece of fabric. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can use fabric glue to adhere the velcro to the cloth. Place one piece of fabric on the other with right sides together pressing the velcro together all the way around. Roll the carrier from one end to the other. Mark three to four lines across the edge and over onto the body of the carrier, depending upon how large it is, with a piece of chalk. The line should go across the area where the end and the body of the roll-up meet.

Unroll the carrier and glue or sew the satin ribbon to the areas that are marked. Sew one piece on each mark on the end and one piece for each mark on the body of the carrier. The ribbons should be about 7″ each. Instead of ribbon, you can use velcro straps. At each mark on the body of the carrier attach a three-inch piece of velcro, aligning it across the chalk mark. At each chalk mark on the end of the carrier attach another three-inch piece of velcro. Leave these pieces hanging over the edge with just a half-inch or so attached to the edge of the fabric.

When you’ve assembled your puzzle on the carrier place one piece of cloth on top of the other and smooth the velcro in place. Roll up and tie or velcro shut to carry. When preparing to preserve the puzzle roll the carrier out on a piece of cardboard and lay another piece of cardboard on top. Now flip the cardboard pieces over together and the puzzle will be upside-down and ready for tape or glue.

When you’ve assembled

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