How to make a hot air balloon out of tissue paper

How to make a hot air balloon out of tissue paper

Did you ever wish you could make a real floating hot air balloon?

Actually you can make a model of a hot air balloon that really floats! This model hot air balloon looks very much like a miniature version of the real thing. The good news is, it doesn’t require a flame or hot air in order to float. All it requires are some basic craft project materials including tissue paper, a small lightweight basket, and a helium balloon. You can float this cool tissue paper hot air balloon outdoors as well as indoors. Your friends and family will be amazed by your small-scale version of a real hot air balloon.

For this craft project, you will need a large oval-shaped helium balloon, cotton string, a small lightweight woven basket, masking tape, colored tissue paper, scissors, a spool of invisible thread, a dowel rod that’s about 4 inches long and 1/8 inch in diameter, craft glue, a small disposable container, a paintbrush, and water.

Begin making your tissue paper hot air balloon by cutting off 4 equal lengths of cotton string. The recommended length is 12 inches, but you can make them as long or as short as you like. Attach the strings by evenly spacing them around the base of the balloon and securing each one with a small piece of masking tape. The masking tape will not show after the tissue paper has been applied.

Next you will need to cut out shapes and designs to decorate the helium balloon. A patchwork balloon looks very nice and is very easy to design. For this style you will need to cut out randomly shaped pieces of colored tissue paper. Use several different colors to make a unique and eye-catching hot air balloon. The pieces may be ripped instead of cut if you wish.

Another idea for the design of the balloon involves covering the entire surface with a layer of solid colored tissue paper. Create pictures pieced together using various colors of tissue paper. Attach them to the solid colored background to make a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon. Personalize the balloon with your name, or glue on a phrase of your choice to send someone a special message. The design options are virtually endless.

After cutting out or tearing off enough tissue paper to cover the entire balloon, attach the pieces using a paintbrush and craft glue that has been thinned with water. Use the watered-down glue as you would paper mache. Be sure to cover the entire balloon, including the tape-covered strings. Tie the balloon in a location where it can dry completely before continuing.

After the glue on the balloon has dried, tie the dangling strings to the small woven basket. Attach them securely by tying double knots. You also need to attach a spool of invisible thread to the center bottom of the basket. Be sure to tie it very securely so your balloon doesn’t float away. Put the wooden dowel rod through the center of the spool of thread so you can easily let out more or reel in your balloon.

Float the tissue paper balloon inside your home, or take it outside if the wind isn’t too strong. It will look like a real hot air balloon floating through the sky. Keep in mind that helium doesn’t last for long, but if the knot in your balloon isn’t too tight, you may be able to carefully undo it and refill the balloon as necessary.

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