How to make a horse stuffed animal

How to make a horse stuffed animal

What child doesn’t love a cute and cuddly stuffed animal? You can make your favorite child a horse stuffed animal in just a few hour’s time. The first step in this project is to find a suitable horse pattern. You can either visit your local craft supply store or, you can save yourself some time and money by finding a basic pattern in your child’s coloring book. A simple outline of a horse, as long as it is a full side view, can make a terrific pattern.

To use a page out of a coloring book, use a ruler to measure and mark several points that are a half-inch past the outside of the outline. Then, use a black magic marker to connect the points. You should now have an outline around the entire original picture. The second step is to use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the picture of the horse out of the page. Now, you will need a yard or so of a rather heavy, fuzzy fabric. Or you can use flannelette or bright velvet material. Turn the fabric upside down so the inside is facing you; spread it out flat. Place the horse pattern on the fabric so it meets the edge of the fabric. Then, outline it with a chalk or a ball-point pen.

The third step is to use a pair of sharp, heavy scissors to cut the horse pattern out of the fabric. Now you will need to lay the pattern down again on the fabric. Outline the horse and cut out a second piece of the fabric. Put the two cut-outs together so the inside of the fabric is on the inside. Use straight pins to attach the top and the sides of the horse pattern together. Do not pin the bottom of the fabrics together yet! Make sure that you place the pins where you marked the half-inch past the outline. This will allow you plenty of room to sew it up. Either use a sewing machine to sew up the top and the sides or, you can sew it up by hand with a needle and thread.

Now that you have most of your stuffed horse animal sewn together, the fourth step is to stuff it. You can purchase suitable polyester filling at your local craft store. Or, you can use balls of cotton or small, cut up pieces of fabric. You can even fill it with dried beans to make a bean bag animal.

Whatever material you choose to use, you will need to start at the top and fill any small pockets that are in the sewn-together fabric. This would be, for example, the horse’s ears and tail. Fill the ears, tail, et cetera, so they are full enough to hold their shape, but not stuffed tight with the filling. Then, fill the body part of the stuffed horse. Again, put enough stuffing into the body to fill it out, but don’t overstuff it out of shape.

The fifth step is to fold in the fabric pieces of the bottom. Make sure the seams are straight, then use straight pins to hold them together. Use a needle and thread to sew the seams together. Now you should have a horse stuffed animal, and all it needs now is the final touches. The final step is to glue on eyes and a mouth. You should also glue on some fuzzy fur from the head down the back to make a mane or the horse.

You can add a piece of thin, gold braid to make a rein too. If you choose, you could also cut out a piece of fancy square fabric to make a saddle for the horse too.

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