How to make a homemade paper wasp trap

Paper wasps

Paper wasps are generally beneficial insects. They eat annoying insects such as mosquitoes and flies and pollinate flowers and plants. Wasps do not endanger food safety. Unlike flies or some ants, for example, they do not carry any fungi or bacteria.

Paper Wasps can sting painfully. The sting of a wasp, unlike the bee, has no barbs. Therefore, wasps can sting several times in a row. Many people are afraid of being stung by a wasp. Wasps are immediately dangerous for people who are allergic to wasp and bee stings. A wasp sting can lead to a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction in them.

Paper Wasp food

Wasps are omnivores. They live on nectar, honeydew from aphids, plant juices, sweet ripe fruits, syrup, and lemonade. For the necessary proteins, they eat insects such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and their larvae. Fresh meat from dead animals and dog and cat food are also on the menu.

Making a wasp trap to catch wasps: almost anyone can do that. However, the question is whether you can solve a wasp infestation with a wasp trap or wasp catcher. We will certainly come back to this. Because you can catch dozens of wasps, but not thousands, because you are actually dealing with an entire nest. But let’s start with what you come for: how can you make a wasp trap yourself?

Make your own wasp trap

The steps

Step 1. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle. Place it upside down in the bottle and tape the piece well.

Step 2. Fill the bottle with a sweet liquid, such as lemonade. You can also use an alcoholic drink because it also contains sugars.

Step 3. Place the wasp trap in a place where many wasps come. However, do not place the trap on a garden table or in another place where you often stay. 

Step 4. Empty the wasp trap daily. Dead wasps can attract other wasps. Doesn’t the sweet drink seem to attract wasps? Then use another sweet liquid.

Step 5. Fill the wasp trap again and again with lemonade after emptying. This keeps the ‘supply’ for the wasps fresh.

Can you really catch wasps with a wasp trap?

If you use the right liquid, you can indeed catch wasps with a wasp trap. And as mentioned, you can use lemonade or an alcoholic drink, but you can also mix some alcohol with the lemonade. It is important that you place the wasp trap at a good distance from where you want to rest or in any case far away from the place where you do not want to be bothered by wasps. The wasps are lured by the sweet smell of the liquid, fly into the trap, and cannot get out. They eventually drown in the liquid.

How do you catch wasps without getting stung?

When catching wasps without getting stung, you only need to remember two things. For example, never hit a wasp if it gets too close. The wasp may feel threatened and start stinging. Also, never touch a wasp nest or try to destroy it in any way. You don’t want to know how dangerous a colony of wasps is if they suddenly come at you in their thousands!

Lure wasps with sweet

Why are wasps there?

From the end of July, many people are bothered by wasps. That’s because the wasps’ food has run out. How about that? Normally, wasps feed on a sweet vomit from their larvae. But at the beginning of August, almost all larvae have grown and no new eggs are laid. The wasps can no longer feed on vomit and have to look for other sweets. They then dive into ice creams, pastries, and colas or beers. Well, you can ideally lure wasps with that!

Making and using wasp catcher

What are the disadvantages?

With a wasp trap, you can catch a lot of wasps. However, this type of wasp catcher also has its drawbacks. Besides luring wasps, you can also attract bees with the trap. It is of course not intended that bees end up in the wasp trap, because bees may not be controlled by law. Then there is another problem: with a wasp trap, you often attract more wasps than you can catch. Feel free to try it out, but don’t be surprised if the wasp trap doesn’t work properly.

Wasp trap making yourself no success?

Call an expert!

If you do not achieve the desired result with your wasp trap or wasp catcher, you can always call or email us. You will then be in direct contact with a very experienced wasp exterminator from your own region. He will make sure that the wasp nest is defused. Would you like to be able to sit outside again with a drink after work? Make an appointment and you will have another carefree summer!

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