How to make a herbal wreath

Some enjoy crafting and also new crafting ideas:

this idea allows you to beautify your home, or the homes of others and have a fragrant wreath that you can actually use for cooking.

The idea of making a wreath is not necessarily a new one but to assemble and make a herbal wreath from your own fresh grown herbs is. Although it is always fun to display and use your own herbs in this wreath you may buy them from any nursery in your area.

If your in a pinch for time, or have many wreaths to make for gifts this method is advisable. keep in mind you will need about ten to twenty bnches to assemble a wreath of this size. If you cannot obtain that many herbs for whatever reason you can scale down your wreath ring. The wreath rings come in a variety of sizes and are available at any craft store.

You begin by deciding which herbs you will use. Many of your herbs that are easily available do not have to be pre-dried. Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary will dry beautifully right on the wreath. If you decide to use Bay Leaf, Parsley, or Sage you must first dry the herbs.

To dry the herbs tie the herbs in bunches and hang from your clothesline for three days.

If you live in an area where you are not privy to much sun, or have harsh winters you may dry your herbs for the same amount of time in your bathroom, kitchen, or over your heating vents.

You will follow the same procedure of bundling as indicated above. Place each herb type in a separate bundle approximately 3 inches at the head, or flowered area of the herbs.

This procedure will partially dry the herbs. You do not want to use brittle or overdried herbs because many will have to be disgarded due to breakage. A dry, but flexible herb is best and easiest to work with.

The wire form you will use will be approximately seven inches across. You may use a smaller wire form if you indeed end up with less herbs than expected.

You will need approximately ten to twenty bunches of assorted herbs approximately three inches in diameter and stems that are approximately five inches in length.

You will need green, flexible coated wire available at any craft store.

If you so desire you may also include a bow or ornament of choice to add to the wreath.

Assembly is simple.

Take your bunches of herbs and begin at the top of the wreath form. Secure the herb bundles with your flexible coated wire. Layer the next bunch on top of the first so that the top will overlap the stem of the last herb bundle you added. Continue to follow the wreath form until all filled and all your herb bundles are used.

I will caution you that you should make the wreath as full as possible. Your herbs will still need to dry. As your herbs dry completely they will shrink even more, so the fuller the better when you are in the process of assembly.

Once completed, hang your wreath near a cooking space. The wreath should be totally dry in about one week depending on the heat and humidity factor in your home.

Remember that the next time you need a pinch of this, or a pinch of that during cooking you will be able to reach up and grab those pinches off a beautiful wreath you made yourself!


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