How to make a hanging planter basket

hanging planter basket

Making a hanging planter basket is not as difficult as it may seem and there are many kinds of containers that you can make them from. For example, a clean plastic gallon container is a good choice.

First cut the top third of the container off, starting underneath the handle. Then wash it with mild soap and water, making sure that you rinse the soap out. Make four holes in the corners of the container.

Use thin roping to hang your basket, making sure that the rope is tied securely at each corner. Gather it up at the top and make a knot with all four pieces of the rope. Then place a metal hook through the loop at the top so that you will have something to hang your basket with. Make some holes in the bottom of the container for drainage.

For a unique look try painting some flowers, leaves, and whatever design that you like on the plastic container. Go to thrift stores and look for straw baskets to make hanging planter baskets from. You’ll be surprised at the many different varieties that you can find in a thrift store and you can also find many different kinds of containers in yard sales.

You can use almost any kind of container but if you find a pretty glass container you will need a macrame hanger for it. Macrame hangers can be bought in a garden supply store and the only drawback to glass containers is that you cannot make drainage holes so you will need to have your plant in another container and take it out periodically to water it.

Clay pots can be used for hanging planter baskets. You will need a small drill to make three or four holes in the upper rim of the clay pot then string your roping or metal hanger from the holes and you have a nice clay basket.

When using a basket to make your planter be sure to line the basket with a piece of plastic because the water will rot the straw. You can buy the plastic at any fabric store by the yard.

You will find it very easy to weave the roping through the holes of a basket. Be sure and tie the knots securely and then gather all four pieces up and tie a knot at the top. Place your hook in the loop at the top. Now you have a beautiful straw basket to put your favorite plant in.

You can buy the metal hangers for baskets at your home supply store at a very reasonable price. Some people prefer the metal ones to the rope because the metal lasts longer, but is not as attractive as the rope. You can buy the roping that you’ll need in any home supply store.

So, as you can see there are many ways to make hanging planter baskets and to add your own individual touch to the baskets you paint nice designs on the clay pots or plastic containers.

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