How to make a hanging picture frame

How to make a hanging picture frame

Lots of things normally considered junk can be turned into something beautiful for your home Even a broken window when saved from the garbage, can be a gorgeous gift for your own home or a friend. Just one pane of the glass is needed for the project. If you don’t have one laying around, a local glass company can sell you one and they’re not very expensive. You can make this as big as you want, or very tiny, depending upon the size of the glass you choose.

Start with a very clean, dry piece of glass. You need a chain of some sorts. It can be an old necklace or craft chain. Use hot glue, contact cement or super glue for metal to affix the chain to both sides of the glass, and the bottom. Do not glue the chain to the top of the glass; stop at the top corners. The chain will cover the bare edges of the glass and serve as a hanger as well.

Use a small, flat picture frame and put anything in the frame that you want. Pictures of kids, wedding, favorite pet – the choice is yours. Remove the hardware and stand from the back of the frame. Glue the frame onto the front glass, off-center, to one side or the other. Wooden picture frames aren’t the best enhancement for the glass. Try a metallic or ceramic frame instead. Gold or silver leaf paint can decorate the edges of the glass, or you can use dimensional paint to put a border around the glass.

Print a favorite poem, a beautiful memory, or even a rose, onto clear sticker paper. Peel and affix next to the glass, opposite of the picture frame. If you don’t have a printer, you can buy little bubble letters that look like glass half-orbs. The letter shows through the orb and looks elegant on a project like this. You can spell out MOTHER – MY BEST FRIEND or FIDO, or whatever you want.

Another project you can do from the pane of glass is to affix the chain, then use something to border the entire glass, like rawhide sticks. Now place the picture, with or without frame, in the center of the glass. If you use the picture without a frame, squirt dimension or puffy paint around the border of the photo.

You can substitute the picture frame for something else, like a statuette of an angel or some silk flowers. Or you can put a single brass letter on the glass, then on the clear sticky paper, write:
A is for Adam, Angel, Artistic, or other attributes for Adam

The hanging glass is great for a new baby gift. First put the baby’s picture in the frame and glue the frame onto the glass, then arrange the bubble letters in one row to spell the baby’s full name. In the second row, put the birthday and on the third row write the parents name or a cute phrase. Something similar can be done for a wedding gift.

For holidays, you can make these to celebrate Easter or Christmas. Place a metallic cross on one side and a poem or scripture opposite it, with the clear adhesive paper. Or glue on a snowman, then write the lyrics to a Christmas song on the sticky paper and place opposite the snowman. Then decorate the glass with spray-on snow.

If you’re using a necklace as the chain for the hanger, leaving a pendant hanging at the bottom is cute. Any pendant that has some meaning to the arrangement you’ve made on the glass is fine. An angel pendant can dangle at the bottom of the Easter arrangement, or a puppy pendant can dangle at the bottom of a dog-theme arrangement.

If you’re using a necklace

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