How to make a hanging cd holder

How to make a hanging cd holder

If you have entirely too many cd’s or you simply want to find what you’re looking for easier, make a cd holder for your bedroom or living room wall. Cd holders are great because not only do you have a place to put your disks, but you have a fabulous addition to your room decor and an interesting conversation piece. Once your friends see your new cd holder, they’ll want one too.

You’ll need some fabric, clear plastic, and a sewing machine or fabric glue. You’ll also need a dowel and string. Make the cd holder any size you want and any shape you desire. Make it long, holding 2 cd’s, side by side, all the way down the wall, or make it a large square – 8 CDs by 8 CDs. After you’ve decided the shape and size of the new cd holder, cut the fabric out the desired width and length, plus an inch and a half, on 3 sides. On the fourth side, the top, add two and a half inches.

Cut the plastic the exact size of the intended cd holder. The plastic should be thick, but clear and not cloudy. You should be able to find the plastic at a home improvement warehouse or department store.

Lay the fabric out, printed side up, and fold the fabric over a one-half inch, all the way around, and press. Fold the fabric over an inch on three sides and two inches on the top. Press. Lay the fabric out, printed side up, then lay the plastic on top. Align the plastic and turn the pressed hems upward, over the top of the plastic edges. Sew around the perimeter. At the top, the hem is wider to allow for the dowel.

After sewing the plastic onto the fabric, measure the cd case, and measure off squares on the plastic, for the individual pockets. Use a marker or something that will wipe off the plastic easily. Sew down the pocket intersections, then across, to form the sections. Slip the dowel rod into the top hem and attach the string to the dowel. Glue on a decorative border or rope to hide the wrong side of the fabric where it comes up over the edges of the plastic.

To hold multiple CDs, put pleats in the plastic. Cut the plastic in sections according to how many rows of cd pockets you will have. In addition, cut strips of fabric that will hide the raw edges of the plastic. After turning and pressing the edges of the original piece of fabric, align the plastic strips, pin and sew around the perimeter, catching each plastic strip in the hemming.

Now start at one side and sew across the bottom of the first plastic strip, placing a quarter-inch pleat near the corner of the first pocket, sewing across the middle of the pocket, then placing a second quarter-inch pleat near the opposite corner of the plastic pocket. Continue sewing across the bottom and placing the pleats until you have finished the first plastic row. Now put in the vertical seams to form the separate sections. Continue the same pattern on the next row of plastic, and so forth until all plastic is sewn to the fabric, and the sections are sewn in. Attach dowel and string.

If you don’t have a machine, you can use fabric glue, but it’s time-consuming and a little messier. Use clothespins or clips to hold the fabric in place while the glue dries.

If you don’t have a machine

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