How to make a handprint Christmas wreath

This craft project is so much fun for children because it is easy and it involves painting their hands, which every kid loves to do. This art makes great a great winter or holiday decoration.


  • The paper of poster board
  • Dark green washable tempera paint
  • Red washable tempera paint
  • Red ribbon or bow (optional)
  • Aluminum lasagna pans or paint trays
  • Protractor and pencil
  • Glue optional
  • Glitter or sequins (optional)

Step by step instructions:

Start by drawing a circle with the protractor on the piece of paper or poster board. If you don’t have a protractor, you can use a plate or something else with a circular shape and trace around it with a pencil, pen, or marker onto the paper or poster board. Once the circle is traced the fun begins; its time to paint! Pour the green washable tempera paint into a paint tray. If you don’t happen to have a paint tray lying around, you can use any substitute you like.

One good substitution is an aluminum lasagna pan; its depth will prevent spilling and it is long and wide enough to fit both children’s and adult’s hands inside with ease. In a separate tray, pour in the red paint.
Let the child dip the palm of his or her hand into the green paint tray. The whole hand does not need to be submerged in paint in order for this to work; only the palm needs to be completely covered in paint.

Press the palm down on the paper following the circle. Fingers should be facing outward toward the edges of the paper and the palm should be placed right over the line of the circle. Repeat this step, overlapping the handprints just slightly. When the circle is complete, you will notice that the green handprints resemble a green wreath. Let the green paint dry for about 20 or 30 minutes.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, have your child wash the green paint off of his or her hands. Now pour some red tempera paint into a tray and have the child dip his or her fingertips into the paint.
Have the child press their red paint covered fingertips onto the wreath which should be dry by now. The little fingerprints should resemble red berries. Scatter them here and there all over the wreath. When there are enough berries on the wreath, stop and let the wreath dry for 15 or 20 minutes.

When the berries have dried it is time to finish this holiday wreath off with the last two steps. Cut a length of red ribbon and tie it in a bow.
Glue the bow onto the wreath. When the glue dries, you have an adorable holiday wreath that can be hung in the child’s room, on the refrigerator, or just about anywhere else in the house. If you don’t have any spare red ribbon laying around, there is an alternative. You should have plenty of red tempera paint leftover because it takes so little to make the berries. Draw on a ribbon with a pencil and then let the child use the remaining red paint to color in the bow.

Another optional step, if this wreath is too plain, is to dust the wreath with glitter or sequins to add sparkle and shine to the project.

Another optional step

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