How to make a halter top out of a t-shirt

How to make a halter top out of a t-shirt

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your clothing, even if you don’t know how to sew. With these instructions, you can turn any t-shirt that you don’t want anymore into a fun halter top, and there’s no sewing involved.

A tip before you get started: When you’re doing this for the first time, it’s recommended you not start with your favorite shirt. You may have to make more than one halter top out of a t-shirt before you really get good at this.


1) A shirt
You will need a t-shirt that you don’t want to wear anymore. It works best if this shirt is relatively formed fitting. It’s important that the shirt not be too big, or else it will sag too much to be wearable once it’s a halter top, but also make sure the shirt isn’t too tight. A tight shirt won’t provide enough surface material for what you’re going to do.
2) A sharp pair of Scissors, suitable for cutting fabric.
3) Chalk or soap for marking the fabric.

Step One:
Start by putting on the t-shirt. Using chalk or soap, make a mark where you’d like the neckline to be. If there’s something on the front of the shirt, keep in mind that it will be raised some once the shirt has been made into a halter.

Step Two:
Take off the shirt, and lay it out on a flat surface (a table would be best), front side up. Take your scissors and carefully cut off the sleeves in a diagonal from the underarm to the neck. Make sure you don’t cut too far into the shirt.

Step Three:
After you’ve cut the sleeves off, flip the shirt over, so that you’re looking at the back. Start at the bottom of the left arm hole and cut straight across, from the bottom of the left arm hole to the bottom of the right. Again, make sure you don’t cut this too low.

Step four:
Flip the shirt back over so that you’re looking at the front again, and spread the part with the neck hole out so that it is also flat on the table. Now you’re going to cut out the neck. Cut, starting from the shirt’s neck, in an even oval, making the lowest point of the neckline however low you made your mark with the chalk or soap.

Step Five:
Once the neck is done, all that’s left for you to do is cut the ties out of the remaining shirt fabric. Be creative I sometimes cut an L shape out of the fabric in order to get a tie that’s long enough. Once you’ve cut ties that are long enough, yanking on them a bit should get the t-shirt fabric to curl up and look how you want it to.

Directions to make a halter-style bra:
If you need something to wear underneath your halter, grab a bra you don’t mind cutting up. Now, simply snip the bra straps off of the back of the bra, and tie them around your neck as if it were a bikini. It helps if the bra is close in color to the halter you’re wearing it under. If you’ve got more time, you can use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to put a couple of stitches into the straps, to make the halter bra more permanent.

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