How to make a glass mosaic table

How to make a glass mosaic table

Choose a pattern you like. There are a variety of sources for choosing a pattern. You can select one from your computer, purchase one, a coloring book is a great source for glass patterns. You may need to enlarge the pattern to fit your table. Any copy shop can do this for you.

Finding a table is half the fun. I love to recycle the flea market finds. If you decide to go to the flea market to find a table look for one that is fairly good shape. The most I would pay for a table is ten dollars. I found a small table with a glass top. The table I found had the glass with a small border around it. The table was perfect for this project. If you need to purchase the glass for your table, then take the dimensions to a glass shop. If your tabletop is not glass, I would sand and primer the tabletop. Trace the pattern on top of the table.

Supply list

  • Glass Various Colors
  • Glass Cutter
  • Running Pliers
  • Glass Nippers
  • Safety Glasses
  • Clear Silicone Glue
  • Non-sanded Tile Grout
  • Safety Glasses
  • Pattern
  • Hammer

Be sure you wear safety glasses when breaking glass. Select the main background color for your project and place it into a large paper bag. Break the glass by hitting it with the hammer into random size pieces. Use small containers to hold each color of the glass. Repeat this process for each color.

These are some uses for glass tools. Use a glasscutter for pieces that you want a more precise cut. Hold the cutter as though holding a pen. Start at the far edge and pull the cutter toward you. A light touch on the cutter will do. You will hear a crackling sound as you pull the cutter across the glass. Once you start your score do not stop until you get to the very edge without dropping off. Do not go over the same score, doing this will damage the cutter. You can further shape the piece of glass with the nippers. The running pliers would be useful for breaking a straight cut.

If you can remove the glass from the table it would make it easier to place the pattern under it. If it is difficult to remove the glass then place the pattern underneath and secure it with duct tape. My sample project has a rose on a stem with a couple of leaves. I also have a hummingbird hovering over it. I broke the blue background with the hammer. I used the stained glass tools for cutting and shaping the rest of the picture. I wanted a more precise look for the flower petals and hummingbirds.

I have all my pieces cut and ready to assemble. Clean the glass panel. Lay all the pieces of the pattern on the glass for a dry fit first. Make any adjustments needed at this stage. You can use the glass tools to shape any of the pieces as you go along. Use the cutter and running pliers to make straight cuts for the edges of the pattern.

Apply glue to the piece of glass and press into place following your pattern. For small pieces you could use tweezers. I will glue my focus pieces of glass first. For my project the focus pieces would be the rose pedals and hummingbird. Apply the pieces no more than one eighth inch apart.

Allow the glue to dry completely. The next step is to grout the project. Mix the grout according to label directions. You can use craft sticks to gently push the grout into the small spaces in between the glass pieces. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Remove as much of the excess grout as possible. Allow the grout to dry completely. Wipe the surface clean with a sponge and bowl of water. This would make a beautiful accent piece in any home decor. Now that you can do a mosaic table the process is the same for doing other projects.

Allow the glue

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