How to make a fun football welcome mat

How to make a fun football welcome mat

If you host football parties for your family and friends, or, if you just want a fun way to show everyone that you’re a fan of the sport, then you need to make a football welcome mat! What a great way to invite friends to your house to watch the weekend game! Of course, this mat is not for walking on. No way! You don’t want it to get messed up and dirty. But it will still welcome your family and friends just the same!

You can start to make your welcome mat by purchasing a rubber or a fiber one. The rubber mats are available with your favorite football team’s name and insignia molded right on it. No matter if you root for the San Francisco 49ers, the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the Kansas City Chiefs, et cetera, you can find a mat with your team on it.

Because these specialized football mats are usually pricey, you may choose to purchase just a plain rubber or fiber welcome mat and make it the colors you want it to be. Either type of mat can be spray painted the colors of your favorite team. Just be sure to read and follow the directions on the spray paint in order to achieve the best results.

After you have purchased the main piece, now it’s time to use your imagination and have some fun! Think about how you want to design your mat. Do you want a miniature football on it? How about some pictures of your favorite player? His jersey number? A small football cleated shoe would be neat! How about showing off the ticket stubs you saved from the Super Bowl game? Think about what football means to you. That’s how you’ll figure out how to design and make your fun football welcome mat!

You can purchase keychains with shoes, footballs, and other football – related items on them and use them for your mat. You can also use small plastic cake decorations too. These are readily available at your local bakery supply store. You can get pictures of your favorite player off of the Internet. You can also cut out pictures from posters you have, or, cut them out of sport magazines.

Here’s another idea: if you want to display football ticket stubs, either glue them right on the fun mat, or, place them in a protective plastic sleeve first.

If you purchased a rubber mat, you can use a good quality glue to secure the items you have chosen onto it. Otherwise, if the mat is made of fibers, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the items. Or, you can use a thin metal wire to attach some of the items that aren’t flat onto the mat. Non flat items would include a miniature football, a small cleated shoe, tiny pom poms, et cetera.

The first step, though, before you permanently attach the decorations and items, is to decide where you want them placed on the mat. Arrange the items on the mat in several different designs. When you finally decide on the arrangement that you like the best, then begin to glue each item down or wire them on.

Finally, allow the hot glue to cool down and dry thoroughly before you display your new fun mat.


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