How to make a fresh fruit basket

How to make a fresh fruit basket

Having a friend or family member who is ill, or recovering from an illness, can be devastating?

There are usually no miracle cures to speed up their recovery; it’s almost always a matter of time, rest, and proper care. Since you cannot physically restore their health, why not use your talent to turn convalescing or recovery into a Special Occasion!

How? With a cheerful fruit basket that shouts, “Get Well!” Think about it. An overflowing fruit basket bursting with selections of vitamins, minerals, and yes, fiber! Ah, the picture of health!

This project is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself! First — find a basket!

Baskets are everywhere and they’re usually on sale! If your budget is a little tight, check out local secondhand stores or garage sales for a wonderful selection usually priced under $5. (Note: If you find a wicker basket you’d love to use, but it’s a bit “dirty,” don’t worry! Just wash it in the sink or outside with a hose — let it dry thoroughly in the sun!)

Then, begin by personalizing the gift basket with decorative ribbon wrapped around the handle. (Ribbon with wire on both edges works best!)

Depending on the size of the basket, you’ll need approximately 1-1/2 yards of ribbon. As a special touch, you could add some seasonal flora or other items from your local craft store.

Now, crumple up some tissue paper in the bottom of the basket to form a cushion to cradle the fruit. (You may have seen this done when fruit is “shipped.”) Don’t be shy with the color — use something bold to complement the decorative ribbon.

It’s time for the fruit! Start with the larger, firmer fruit — it should go near the bottom, reserving the top spot for more delicate fruits. Some hints for choosing fruit: it should be firm, ripe, and at its colorful peak.

If your recipient has certain preferences for “tropical,” or “native,” keep that in mind while shopping in the produce section.

You may even choose to present them with an “organically-grown” fruit basket! And, don’t forget the “Classic” basket: a selection of apples, red and green grapes, pears, bananas, and strawberries. Think: “Seasonal!”

Arrange the fruit in much the same way you would arrange flowers, taking into consideration colors and shapes, to arrive at the most attractive presentation. As an added accompaniment, strategically place a favorite book or magazine.

And, don’t forget the gift card!

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