How to make a football banner at home

How to make a football banner at home

Whether you want to celebrate your favorite football team or the sport in general, creating a football banner for your home or office can be simple and fun.

Choose your material

You can make a football banner out of either fabric or paper, depending on your overall goals for the banner. A fabric banner will be more durable and fit better into your home decor, but how good a fabric banner will look is greatly dependent on your crafting ability. A paper banner is easy to make, and if you use a computer, will look more polished, but it will only hold up as a temporary display.

Create your banner

There are two main methods for creating a paper banner. You can use your computer to print a long banner or you can draw or paint your own.

Drawing or painting a banner is a great project for the kids or the whole family. You’ll need a large piece of paper, such as butcher paper or the rolls of bulletin board paper used in schools, and poster paint or markers. You can spread your work out on the dining room table or pick a space on the floor. If you’re using paint, you’ll want to put down newspapers or plastic to avoid any accidents. Draw a basic sketch of your design in pencil first.

This is especially important for spacing any text you include on the sign. We’ve all seen hand-painted signs with words that run together on one side or start out evenly spaced and then scrunch up at the end of a line. A little planning can make a big difference in the quality of your sign. Once you have a penciled-in idea, you can get to work with the paint or markers.

Of course, you can also use your computer for a more professional-looking banner. Some print shop programs have a banner option, or you can also open up your word processing program, set the pages to landscape mode under page setup/document settings, and type your message. Add some football clipart or scanned pictures.

Then you’re ready to print, preferably in color, although you can also add color accents with markers or paint. Creating a banner was actually easier when computers used dot matrix printers because the sheets of paper were attached to each other in a continuous feed. Nowadays, you’ll have to line your papers up carefully and tape them edge to edge.


A fabric banner will take a little more time and effort to construct. First you’ll need a large piece of fabric for your background. Then you can add your words and pictures in one of two ways – you can paint directly on the fabric, or you can cut them out of another fabric and glue or sew them to your background.

A little bit of planning before you begin will go a long way toward creating a quality finished product. You should test any paint or glue on a scrap piece of fabric first to get a feel for how it will work on your materials. Does the paint glide on smoothly or clump? Do you need to let the glue dry to the point of tackiness before sticking two pieces of fabric together? Just like with a paper banner, you should sketch out your design before committing it to the fabric.

Display your banner

If you’ve created a paper banner, tape is usually sufficient to hang it, although you can also use thin nails or thumbtacks if you don’t mind making holes in the wall.

The extra weight of a fabric banner will make it a bit harder to hang. If you’ve used a lightweight fabric, thumbtacks may work for your banner as well. The best way to hang a fabric banner long-term, though, is to make it into a hanging banner.

This can be accomplished with a dowel and some string. Glue or sew the top of the banner over the dowel, allowing a short length of dowel to stick out on each side. Tie string to the dowel ends and use the string to hang the dowel from a nail or hook.

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