How to make a flower house

Here is a great craft project for anyone in your household.

Make a house out of packages of seeds! The seeds are Forget Me Nots” and they are from Burpees, but you can use any colorful package or an assortment of flowers. Try and pick a special name of seed that will reflect your feelings about your house.

For the bottom of house, use two packages, attaching the bottoms of the seed packages together with tape, so you have a long section in a long rectangular shape. Then take 2 packages and use 1 of them for one side of the house, folding just the corners until you get a point on
top and do the same for the other side and attach it to the sides of the house, one on each side, and then taping the bottom of the house to the sides. the points should face up towards the roof.

Then take one package of seeds and lay it on top of the house, taping it with magic tape only as to form a roof, gently creasing the package in the middle to make the roof line. Use “Magic” tape throughout this project as it is easier to take apart when someone wants to use the seeds, it won’t rip the packages.

There you go, you have a house made of seeds. Before you put the roof on, you might want to add a few pieces of candy, (3 or 4, since the house is not that strong) and then give it to someone with a card.

Everytime they look at the house, it says “Forget Me Not” all over it.

Now, how could anyone forget who made it? It is a special gift that will last and last in their hearts forever.


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