How to make a floral swag

Floral swags add a sense of warmth to a country kitchen, a softly romantic look to a bedroom, or a touch of elegance to your front doorway. Make a bold statement by creatively combining colors or a subtle one by using only one color. Floral swags smell wonderful, and give your home a little extra visual appeal that is homey and cozy. Creating them is relatively easy and they also make excellent gifts.


  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • wire cutters
  • florist wire
  • green and golden spiral eucalyptus leaves
  • dried flowers
  • dried wheat
  • French bows
  • raffia
  • spices, dried pomegranates, berries and fruit slices


Take two separate bunches of golden eucalyptus leaves and fan out, with one bunch to the left and the other bunch to the right. Overlap the stems and wrap florist wire around the stems (in the middle) tightly. Cut the wire and twist together, tucking the ends down into the stems. Next place dried wheat stems inside one side of the branches and then to the other side and hot glue into place.

Add dried flowers such as delphinium, rose buds lavender and heather. Let dry. Hold up the arrangement at different stages of the project to determine whether there is a sense of balance and to check for any empty spaces that need to be corrected. When the swag arrangement is at the desired fullness, take about 12 inches of florist wire and wrap around the middle and form a round hanger with the ends of the wire. Attach a sheer golden bow to the middle by pulling 6-8 inches of wire through the knot and twist together tucking the ends into the stems.


Use the same basic steps for the swag above but use green eucalyptus leaves. Instead of using a bow, tie the center with long strands of raffia and glue spices, chiles, garlic or fruit into the arrangement, depending on what scent you want. Pods, grasses, feathers and pinecones add extra


  1. You could choose to use only eucalyptus leaves, using only one color of stems of varying them. You could also add baby breath for an extra subtle touch.
  2. To make a Christmas swag, use evergreen boughs and add cinnamon sticks, berries, and pine cones instead. Add nuts and dried pomegranate fruit, and don’t forget to tuck in some mistletoe. Place this arraignment on the inside or outside of your front door, or over your fireplace.
  3. For a fall look, add dried sunflowers and chile peppers to the arrangement.
  4. For Spring, be sure to use soft, subtle flowers and colors. Hydrangea flowers and daisies add a sweetly old-fashioned and gentle look to your arrangement.

These are just a few ways you can make floral swags. Experiment some and let your own unique style determine what type of arrangement you wish to make, and what kinds of dried flowers, natural grasses, berries, spices, and fruits you wish to use.

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