How to Make a Floor Cushion

How to Make a Floor Cushion

Sometimes, it seems like there are just two types of kids in the world: Those who love the couch and jealously guard their space on it, and those who would much rather be at floor level. The problem with the floor is that it is often isn’t the comfiest surface to be found, and you probably don’t want all the bed pillows spending vast amounts on time on the place where dirty socks and shoes are trampling around.

Floor pillows are certainly a good option. But as with so many things involving children, the kids often like to have their own special “something.” And while you cannot really do that with the couch and might not want to do it with your main floor pillows you certainly can arrange for your child or children to have their own special floor cushions.

The fact that you are reading an article on how to make floor cushions for kids means two things. One, you probably want to do something more personal than just buy a kid-oriented floor cushion at the store. Two, you probably aren’t someone who just knows instinctively how to do this kind of thing (or you only have very basic sewing skills), or you probably wouldn’t be looking for much advice on this. So, to that end, here are some simple ideas for making floor cushions for kids.


Adults may have stuffed animals for decoration, but if you’re a kid, chances are that stuffed animals provide a bit more in terms of cuddling comfort (at least occasionally).

So, why not combine a stuffed animal with a cushion? Get a nice, big floor pillow in a style, color, and texture you think your child will like. Now, buy a stuffed animal. Stitch the animal to the pillow firmly, and now your child can cuddle the animal, enjoy the pillow and a simple floor pillow has become something special.

Whether or not you leave the animal fully stuffed, and thus bulging from the pillow, or take some of the stuffing (or all of it) out to make things a bit more flat, is up to you. And speaking of knocking the stuffing out of a stuffed animal, maybe your child has a favorite stuffed animal that has seen better days. That might be a perfect candidate to become part of a pillow that might see some rough floor action.

The pillow could also become home to a multitude of very small stuffed animals for a little floor-based menagerie.


The bean bag chair is an old favorite that goes in and out of style for adults, but almost always works for kids. They aren’t always the most attractive things though, they don’t always speak to a child’s personal style, and often the material for the outer surface is a big sweat-inducing mass of vinyl or plastic.

So, buy the bean bag and give it a facelift. Find some material that you can stitch into a bean bag cover, and slip the bean bag chair into it. If you want to have a variety of covers to change from time to time, use buttons or a zipper so that you can seal it all up and open it up again as needed. If you’re looking for something more permanent, stitch it shut. If you choose the later option, though, make sure the material is thick, sturdy and can be washed with a damp cloth as needed (instead of laundered).


Get a plain white or off-white floor cushion or large pillow, and dye it a bright color or use fabric paints to give a variety of colors and designs. If you’re using fabric paints, get the child involved in making his or her own pillow and it becomes that much more personal.

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