How to make a feather fan

How to make a feather fan

Feather fans are an eye-catching addition to the decor of almost any room. When and if you ever see one at the store they’re expensive. Purchasing feathers by themselves at a craft store is not that expensive but the finished project will be quite impressive to your family and friends.

There are all types of feathers from which to choose but only a certain type of feather will create the look you want in a fan. The feathers must be long, stiff, and equal in length. Lay a straight edge on a table to start the project. The straight edge will help you to keep the quills aligned. Since the project can be held together with glue or stitches decide which procedure you will use.

For the gluing method place two strips of thin cardboard, plastic, or strips of stiffened cloth on the table. Place one in a position where it will run across the backside of the feathers right where the quill begins. Place the other strip further up, about three or four inches from the top of the feathers. To make sure the strips did move during the feathering tack or tape them to the table. Place a line of glue onto each of the strips and begin aligning the feathers.

Start at one end and secure the first feather then add the next one, slightly overlapping the first. Continue this process until you have completed the fan. The fan can spread out as far as you would like. Take into consideration the angle at which you start the project should be the angle at which you stop on the opposite end. Also, the strips will merely go straight across and can’t be shaped exactly like the fan so adding extra strips to reach the outer feathers may be necessary.

Sewing the feathers together is a little more difficult. Two-sided tape helps somewhat. Stick the tape onto the table and arrange the feathers, pushing them down onto the tape strip. After all the feathers are in place un-stick the tape from the table but not from the fan. Turn the fan over and lay thick plastic strip or something sturdy that can be sewn.

Just below the tape strip place the plastic strip for sewing. Stitch from one end to the other with long stitches. Back-tack at both ends. Now you can remove the tape very gently. Some small pieces of a feather will adhere to the tape as you remove it. Pull the tape up from the side facing the quill up towards the top of the feather for less loss of feather pieces.

Where the quills come together must be covered completely. There are several different ways to do this. Since it will hang on the wall you can gather a small bunch of silk flowers in the area, leaving a pretty satin ribbon hanging down from behind them.

You can also use something for a handle. Look around the craft store – they have a variety of wood pieces in many shapes. A good shape would be something like a small block of wood with a slit in it for insertion of the quills. You can also glue two flat pieces of wood together – one on each side of the fan. Or use a small flat piece of wood on the backside and a beautiful ceramic adornment on the other. The ceramic piece must be flat on one side.

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