How to make a feather duster

How to make a feather duster

Do you ever just feel like doing a project that’s fun and easy?

There are so many great craft projects but why not make something you can actually use like a feather duster. Many different implements can be used to make the duster. You probably have most of what you need to make it already at home.

The feathers are the most important thing you’ll need that you probably don’t already have. You can purchase them at a craft store or online. You will need quite a few feathers – the kind that is soft yet long and sturdy. Feathers fewer than five inches in length are not appropriate for the project. The perfect size is between six to nine inches long. They come in a variety of colors but usually, the colors are combined in one package. It’s difficult to say just how many feathers you’ll need.

One reason is that each person who does this project will use his own cup  to hold the feathers and it can be any number of sizes. The perfect cup is a medicine cup found with many over-the-counter cough syrups. The cup is usually clear and plastic. The last major thing you need is a handle. The handle can be from an old paintbrush or a simple dowel from a home improvement store. The handle should be something that isn’t too heavy and is round.

You can paint the cup and handle if you’d like. Or, after painting the handle, make a decorative cover for the cup. Simply cut a circle of cloth about four inches in diameter. Set the cup upright in the middle of the circle. Tuck the cloth into the mouth of the cup and glue into place.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic medicine cup and fabric the approximate size of the handle. Insert the handle barely into the cup and squirt in super glue. Allow to dry well. Hold the cup with handle upright as it dries. Reinforce the handle by placing a line of glue around the handle on the outside where it enters the cup. Allow to dry well.

Begin aligning your feathers by simply placing them in one hand while you add even more with the other hand. Try to keep the ends of the quills as even as possible. After you have quite a handful hold them in the cup to see if you have enough to fill it. If not add even more until you have enough feathers to completely fill the cup compactly.

Wrap a rubber band around the quills but not so tightly that it bends the quills. Scoot the rubber band down to about an inch from the end of the quills. Place a quarter of an inch of white glue into the cup. Place the banded feathers into the cup then remove. Look to see that all quills have a dab of glue. Settle the feathers back into the cup and allow to dry well. It takes at least overnight for the feather duster to be completely dry and ready to use.

If the handle you chose to use doesn’t already have a hole for hanging you can drill a hole in it or use a tack at the end to secure a string for hanging. Place the tack all the way into the handle then remove it. Put a drop of super glue into and slightly around the tack hole. Lay the two ends of the string onto the hole area then reinsert the tack. This should hold the string in place permanently.

If the handle

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