How to make a family photo quilt

My family is really into making quilts for each other. We make them for many different occasions and we love to make new patterns that we have found in books. We also like to take old quilts that we have found or that our grandmothers have given us and copy the pattern and make new quilts out of them. We are also always sharing family photos that we come across. I had the great idea of putting the two together and making a family photo quilt. It was a rather easy process that I would like to share so that anyone can repeat the steps and make a great gift for someone they love.

First you need to decide what kind of quilt patterns you wish to use. You can take any quilt that you like. If you have a particular pattern that you know someone is really fond of then that is probably the best one to use for your quilt. I found that if you use a variety of pattern blocks and set them off with solid blocks you can put the pictures on the solid blocks and show off the different patterns that you have learned to make. I especially like to use patterns that have been passed from generation to generation.

Second, you need to decide how big you want to make your quilt; this will determine how many blocks you will need to have for the quilt. I like to use 12-inch blocks (that is 12 inches across and up and down), I like to put them 5 across and 6 down. That is a total of 30 blocks. So that means that I will need 15 blocks of solid material and 15 quilt pattern blocks. I also like to make what is called a crazy quilt that doesn’t really have any special patterns to it but just different size material sewn together to make a quilt. You can put pictures just randomly around on this quilt and it is fun just finding all of the different pictures. In this quilt, it is nice to use like old clothing that you have saved and maybe pictures of the people wearing the clothing in the picture.

Now you will need to figure out what pictures you want to include on your quilt. You can do a lot of pictures on several different blocks or you can just do one on each solid block if you’re not doing the crazy quilt idea. I like to put the main subject in the middle and then surround them with other pictures. I have one that has my mom in the middle and her parents and brothers and sisters above her and her children and grandchildren below her. Don’t overcrowd your picture they make the quilt to busy and it takes away from the beauty of the quilt.

The next question is how you will get the picture on the material for the quilt. I have a great printer and scanner so I can just scan in my pictures to my computer and then I can print them on iron-on transfers that you can find at most office supply stores or your local anything store. If you do not have the scanner but have a great printer you can go to the local printer place (like Kinko’s) and get them scanned and saved on a disk for you. Or you can just take them and get them to put them on the iron-on transfers for you as well. There are some places that can put the picture right on the material for you but you will have to look for those on your own as I have not used them.

After you get all of the blocks or scraps of material sewn together with your pictures on them you can now quilt your new top. If you know how to quilt it will make it even more special. But if you are like me and you are not a great quilter or just don’t have the extra time to quilt then there are professionals that can do that part for you.

Just remember that when it is all finished it is going to make a great gift for someone or a keepsake for you. You will always have the quilt to remember your loved ones or to show that special person how much you care for them and your family.

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