How to make a family name bracelet

A family name bracelet can be a great gift idea and a wonderful way to show pride for your family. Family name bracelets can be made in a variety of ways at several different price points; it should be easy to find an idea and a cost to fit your ideas and budget.

  1. Plastic Beads (The Cheapest) A plastic bead family name bracelet can be a great craft activity for children as well as a way for them to display their family pride. To make a plastic bead family name bracelet you will need: Beads, Fishing line (or other beading string), a needle, and a clasp. All of these items are available at your local craft supply store, or at a discount retailer such as Target or Wal-Mart.
  2. When purchasing beads you will want to make sure that you have the correct amount of letters to spell out your name, as well as several colorful corresponding beads to surround the name with. With younger children, this craft is done easier with a larger types of plastic beads and barrel type clasps that can be twisted close. With older children or adults you may want to get nicer quality sterling silver lettering and glass beads.
  3. To start tie the end of the beading string to a clasp. From the clasp measure out the line to be 2-3 inches longer than you want the bracelet to be in the end, remember you will need to tie the other end of the clasp onto the string in the end. Place colored beads on the string about a third of the way, then begin putting your name letters on. Once the name beads are in place continue with colored beads.
  4. Depending on your colored bead selections you may want to try and make the beads on either side of the name match. After all your beads are in place tie the other end of the clasp onto the bracelet and enjoy.
  1. Charm Bracelet An old-fashioned charm type bracelet can be a great way to create your own family name bracelet. A high-quality charm bracelet can become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. There are several different types of charm bracelets to choose from.
  2. The most popular would be a traditional type of charm bracelet, which looks similar to a chain, where you would attach letters similar to the way you attach key chains to a key ring. In recent years, new charm bracelets made of squares with square charms that slide over them have become popular. In both cases after determining which one you would prefer, the beads and bracelets are available at most jewelry stores.
  3. For charm bracelets, you can jazz them up with charms that represent who you are, and in some cases gemstones. Discount jewelry stores sell similar versions to nicer jewelry stores made of fewer quality materials, for instance, sterling silver or aluminum instead of silver or gold. To make a charm bracelet you would purchase a base bracelet specifically designed for the charms, and then your desired charms, which should easily hook onto the base.
  4. Engraving- Another option for making a family name bracelet is to find a solid bracelet made of metal and have it professionally engraved. This can be a great idea for bracelets for male family members and can allow you to add additional inscriptions on the underside of the bracelet of particular family importance.

Family bracelets can be a fun craft and an excellent display of family history that will be cherished for a lifetime. Determine what kind of bracelet you would like to make and get started on yours today.

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